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Hotshots: Top Interiors and Décor Trends to Try Out this Summer

Spring has started to take a backseat in many regions of the world and summer is well and truly here in all its brightness and warmth. Transitioning from spring to summer in the decorating world is much easier than making a change from winter to spring or summer to fall. The change feels organic, pleasant and demands very little. It is more of an evolution than a revolution and often needs the bare minimum both in terms of effort and budget. With that in mind, we decided to share with our readers the top summer decorating trends that are both hot and impressive!

Whitewashed brick walls are a hit in the shabby chic bedroom [From: Three Little Pigs Colour & Design]

While there are a few summer decorating classics that always work, this year sees trends which focus on all things natural. Imperfection is celebrated and color, as always, is welcome. From beautiful, leafy patterns that feel both tropical and coastal to decorating styles that usher in the breezy brilliance of summer at its relaxing best, this is a look at the defining trends of summer 2018 –

Shabby Chic Meets Brick!

This summer combine two of the hottest and most loved design trends across the globe to create an inviting home full of personality. We are talking about shabby chic style and exposed brick walls – two interior decorating ideas that are universally loved! The best part with this duo is that you have two trends which cut across gender lines and allow both guys and gals to feel comfortable when surrounded by them. While women are bound to love the feminine side of shabby chic style, men will take pleasure in the rugged and timeless charm of the exposed brick wall.

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Painted yellow brick wall in the shabby chic bedroom [From: Logan Killen Interiors]
Shabby chic living room with brick walls and a plush pink couch
White shabby chic living room with a monochromatic appeal [From: Marta Castellano]
Belgian chic living room in white
Open shabby chic living area with lovely brick wall backdrop [From: Thompson Custom Homes]

Sublime: Colored Grout

Traditionally, grout comes in white, shades of gray and beige along with a few other neutral hues that allow the tile to shine through. But in recent times, much like the revival of the classic subway tile, colored grout has found favor among decorators and homeowners looking for that ‘something special’. With summer here, those thinking about a new tiled kitchen backsplash or a bathroom makeover should definitely consider dipping their toes into this hot new trend! Grout in a color that matches with the walls of the bathroom or kitchen adds to the overall appeal of the room and makes it both fun and relaxing.

Colorful grout adds brightness to the gray backsplash in this polished kitchen [From: Adie Courtney Architect]
Green grout lines feel chic and understated in this relaxing bathroom [From: CLPM Limited]
Orange grout lines for tile in white with a touch of flowery pattern
Pink grout adds to the gentle pinkish hue of the midcentury kitchen [From: Space Craft Joinery]
Beautiful green grout brings a refreshing appeal to the bathroom [From: Tim Barber Ltd Architecture]

Nature-inspired Patterns

This one is all too simple and yet is a hit that always tops the charts with spring and summer rolling in. Plant patterns and tropical leaf motifs easily usher in a summery vibe without demanding a major change in decorating style or color scheme of the room. In the living room and bedroom, accent pillows and bedding that carry these bold and green motifs get the job done while curtains with a leafy pattern add summer freshness to the kitchen and the dining space. Those interested in a more permanent option can try out jungle-themed wallpapers and quirky wall murals.

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Bedroom that oozes summer freshness and charm [From: Bowerhouse]
Jungle wallpaper is the showstopper inside this retro inspired bathroom
Throw pillows bring bright, tropical charm to this bedroom in white
A trendy way to bring greenery to your home [From: Virtual Studio Innovations]

Rattan – Outdoor and Inside!

Rattan furniture is another addition that instantly reminds us of that beautiful holiday on the beach as you waste away your summer evenings sipping on your favorite drink or four! Rattan has evolved beyond its outdoor furniture form and modern living room and bedrooms are also finding space for furniture in rattan. Adding an organic and elegant element to the contemporary interior, few things epitomize summer at its lazy best like ultra-comfortable rattan décor!

Finding luxury in natural materials is a summer trend that never fails!
Furniture brings textural contrast to an otherwise contemporary living room
Tropical sunroom is the perfect place to relax all year long! [From: Darden Design Group]
Beach style living room with rattan furniture [From: Unique Home Stays]
Comfy rattan furniture brings luxury outdoors

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