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25 Valentine’s Day Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Only the Best for your Beloved!

Still feeling the effects of the festive season that is firmly behind us? Miss the celebratory mood and the wonderful dinners that came with them? Not to worry as the doldrums of January is now behind us and we are all looking forward to the biggest night of February that keeps the entire planet busy in one way or another. That’s right; love is one again in the air and Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks or so away. With that in mind, now is a great to get started with your preparations for the big night. Yes, booking a table for the night definitely comes first, but getting your bedroom ready is not something you would want to miss out on!

Awesome Moroccan inspired bedroom that is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Most of us just do not have the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a grand fashion when it falls in the middle of the week. We tend to postpone it to the weekend and that is often a safe bet indeed. But you can still do something special on February 14th this year by decorating the bedroom with an air of romance that is captivating. From styles, themes and colors to décor and DIY ideas, this collection has a bit of something for everyone –

DIY Ideas for the Romantic Bedroom

We start off with the simplest and most creative ideas that promise to give the bedroom an instant face-lift – DIY crafts that always put a smile on our face. Red is one color that you just cannot ignore on this day and a simple bright red heart placed against the white bedroom background makes plenty of visual impact. Pallet Diy Wallet takes much more time create, but it can be used on multiple occasions with ease over the years. Easy-to-make kissed balloons while simple DIY candles made using wood logs take very little time to make. Be it easy wreaths or lovely candles, everything makes an impact in the modern bedroom.

Dashing red heart on the bedroom wall makes a big impact
DIY floral art piece for the bedroom wall on Valentine’s Day
DIY pallet wall art addition is perfect for this Valentine’s Day
Fun and easy-to-make DIY Kissed Balloons from Balloon Time
Geometric paper art coupled with XO lighting for the romantic Valentine’s Day bedroom
Gorgeous DIY Valentine’s Day lighting idea with logs
Lovely DIY arrow crafts bring fun motifs to the bedroom wall
Add tree stump with initials to the bedside table for a cool new bedroom look [From: The Idea Room]
Beautiful homemade Valentine’s Day wreath can add charm to the bedroom wall as well

Red and Classic

Scarlet in all its glory is one color that defines Valentine’s Day and the many shades of red in all their bright brilliance seem like an absolute must for the stunning Valentine’s Day bedroom. In most contemporary bedrooms, adding a dash of red is all too easy. You can do it using throw pillows, bedding, bedside accents and simple wall art additions. In other cases, bedrooms that are draped in red all over feel magical, but might not work all year long for those who seek a more balanced and contemporary look. Textured walls and fireplaces add another layer of romantic charm to the setting.

Headboard of this bed spells out LOVE! [From: House Tweaking]
Pops of red can bring romantic panache with ease
Red and white traditional bedroom is perfect for Valentine’s Day [From: Vision Interiors]
Stunningly regal bedroom in red with a dash of gold
Textured bedroom wall and fireplace for the romantic bedroom [From: Annie Hall Interiors]
Fireplace brings an air of romantic charm to the bedroom [From: K. H. Webb Architects]

Turn to the Walls

Framed posters, custom pieces that can be crafted at home and fabulous accent walls that spell out your love all too clearly allow you to celebrate Valentine’s Day without committing to its theme more permanently. In this section, the DIY flower wall headboard design is an idea that one must absolutely try as it feels so very chic, elegant and its perfect for the modern bedroom. Combine it with a few string lights and a canopy bed for an even more intimate (and possibly tacky) bedroom.

Finding surprise gifts in the Scandinavian bedroom! [From: Dulux Amazing Space]
Showcase your love in a way that your loved one will appreciate [From: Shades of Blue Interior]
An accent wall that you will love on the most romantic day of the year
DIY flower wall headboard design for the Valentine’s Day bedroom [From: Sweet Teal]
Eclectic bedroom that celebrates your love [From: Noce House Design]

A Theme of Your Choice

A beautiful bedroom with the right Valentine’s Day makeover can fit into any style that you already have going in your home. Be it modern Scandinavian, eclectic, contemporary or Mediterranean, with the right idea and personalized accessories, creating the best possible, romantic setting for the evening is all too easy. Of course, styles like eclectic and Mediterranean give your more flexibility in terms of both color and contrast, but what matters the most is the taste of the people who you intend to share this room with.

Fairy tale-themed bedroom is both romantic and alluring
Make every day a bit more special with the right decor
Combine class with comfort when it comes to bedroom decorating on Valentine’s Day [From: Deepak Aggarwal Photography]
Eclectic bedroom gives you more freedom with decorating options on Valentine’s Day [From: Erika Bierman for Good Shepherd Charity Project]

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