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Inventive Modern House Brings Green Goodness to Urban Landscape

It is barely surprising news to know that we are increasingly moving away from nature and are stuck in a world dominated by concrete, glass, cement and stone. The urban landscape has barely any space for nature at its vibrant best. Attempting to correct this anomaly and bringing a pocket of vibrant green to the sprawling cityscape of Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam is the gorgeous Stacked Planters House designed by VTN Architects. Part of a creative initiative dubbed ‘House for Trees’ by the eco-friendly folk at VTN, this exquisite green house has been crafted using terrazzo, glass and concrete.

Street facade of the Stacked Planters House

Different ‘concrete blocks’ across three floors form the basic core of this multi-generational family house even as terrazzo brings a touch of vintage Vietnamese charm to this contemporary residence. Open living spaces connected with the series of terraces outside and the kitchen and dining are on the inside create inviting public areas while it is the first and the second floors that contain the bedrooms and the bathrooms. A gorgeous roof garden, multiple pockets of green and smart terraces with large plants give the home its natural, green cloak!

Maximizing both the living space and the green spaces and creating a flowing synergy between the two, this exceptional and nifty easily stands out from the pack. We are also pretty sure that all those plants help in passive heating and cooling of the house while also shaping a healthy lving environment. [Photography: Hiroyuki Oki]

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Innovative Stacked Planters House in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Living area and kitchen connected with the pool outside
Spacious terrace of the modern home with large plants
Rooftop garden of the Stacked Planters House
Creative house in Vietnam brings greenery back to the urban landscape
Custom niches, pavilions and outdoor spaces house the large plants

The house is located in a neatly planned urban area, where the residents built up to the maximum allowable height. Maximum living spaces were achieved here by reducing the green spaces. By bringing greens back to the house, each house serves as a small park in a dense neighborhood.

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Concrete and terrazzo create a unique, modern green home in terrazzo Vietnam
Framed glass walls and doors bring in natural light
Lighting adds to the aura of the green house
Ground level floor plan
Bedroom level floor plan on the second level
Bedroom level floor plan on the second level
Roof garden of gorgeous Green House
First level floor plan of the green home in Vietnam
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