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House S: Urban Home with a Split-Level Living Area and Ample Natural Light

Creating space and utilizing it to the fullest is undoubtedly the biggest challenge when it comes to urban homes. Set in a sprawling city neighborhood in the heart of Bangalore, India, House S is one such home where Design Integratus took a vertical approach to spatial maximization in an attempt to make the most of the tiny lot that the house sits on. With close neighbors and urban rush all around, the tricky part of creating the perfect modern home on this lot was to find that elusive balance between privacy and proper ventilation. This was done using a multi-level home with a skylight that illuminates each and every floor with ease!

Street facade of House S with wooden slats

The house has been clearly divided into three different zones with the second floor containing the private areas like the bedroom and the bathrooms. It is the first floor and the upper ground floor that hold the public spaces while the ground floor and the lower level that contain the semi-private areas. This was accomplished using a unique split-level living area where the living space itself sits on the lower level and has a double-height ceiling while the kitchen and dining area rest just above and overlook it elegantly. All this was accomplished on a limited budget; making the home even more remarkable! [Photography: Gokul Rao Kadam]

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Double-height living area on split level with sliding glass doors that usher in natural light
Open to sky courtyard next to the living room inside House S
Pendant light adds color and class to the dining area
Split level dining area and kitchen of the House S
Staircase connecting the multiple levels of modern home in Bangalore
Staircase in concrete fits in perfectly with the neutral color palette of the home
A flood of natural light illuminates the central area of the modern home

The house is set back from the edge of the property on three sides, with the rear being the deepest. The Left side of the building shares a common wall with the neighbouring property. A service core consisting of the staircase and secondary rooms like the pooja / utility were positioned on this side, to keep external walls free, for creating punctures.

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Bright red accent wall in the neutral sitting room and study
Contemporary space-savvy House S in Bangalore
Ground floor plan of House S
First floor plan of House S
Bedroom level floor plan of House S

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