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Giving the Courtyard Home an Urban Twist: Casa di Luce in Dallas

The courtyard house is a perennial favorite among homeowners who crave a residence with a flowing indoor-outdoor interplay that blurs the traditional lines of architecture. Of course, this is far more difficult to accomplish in an urban setting where both space and privacy become an issue. Then there is the matter of getting the style right with elegant contemporary overtones being extended into the garden and courtyard. But Casa di Luce in Dallas finds a way to combine the outdoorsy charm with a dab of sophistication, connecting its refined living space with a cultured courtyard.

Casa di Luce by Morrison Dilworth + Walls in Texas

Designed by Morrison Dilworth + Walls with modern panache, the nifty Texas home offered challenges that went well beyond just the seamless connection between the interior and the world outside, as an irregularly-shaped lot and a grand oak tree defined the final silhouette of the Casa di Luce. Both the living area and the bedroom of the 3,226-square foot residence open up towards the tranquil, curated and modern courtyard that is complete with a refreshing pool. Spread across two different levels, a neutral color scheme, concrete floors and a healthy splattering of marble backdrops and countertops ensure that there is no shortage of lavishness in the air!

Smart indoor-outdoor interplay of Dalla Residence inspired by courtyard houses

Contemporary and private courtyard design with a small pool

Concrete floor and a splash of marble for the open living area

White is the color of choice inside the contemporary kitchen

Marble countertops and background add an air of luxury to the contemporary bathrooom

Décor is kept simple and minimal, with the likes of classic Eames Lounger adding timeless appeal to an otherwise distinctly modern interior. As is the norm these days, large sliding glass doors make their presence felt in every room, even as the homeowners are tempted to spend more time outdoors than inside. Brilliant lighting and minimal accessories complete a Texas home that reinterprets that classic ‘courtyard house style’ by adding contemporary sheen. [Photography: Charles Davis Smith – AIA]

Bedroom with sliding glass doors connected with the urban courtyard

Lighting adds to the polished elegance of the Dallas home

Floor plan of contemporary couryard styled home in Dallas

Unique lot defines modern Dallas home

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