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Light and Breezy Two-Story Wooden Home with a Spacious Deck and Pool

We come across smart renovation and adaptive reuse of structures on a daily basis. Many of them improvise and alter existing homes wand give them a fresh, modern vibe. But there are occasions when you just cannot work with aged residences because of poor planning, enormous damage to its ‘bones’ down the years and a general feeling that a makeover would cost more time and effort rather than building a new structure. That is why Untertrifaller Architekten demolished the 60’s home sitting on this beautiful lot in Austria to build an entirely new residence that was more suited for modern lifestyle.

Wood and concrete are the two materials that were used extensively throughout the home

The new building with its concrete base and wooden walls feels both refined and relaxing with an open plan living area, kitchen and dining space on the lower level that extends into the deck outside. On the upper level you have the master bedroom, kids’ rooms and bathrooms along with other curated private spaces. The transition between the two is seamless with large glass walls and sliding glass doors connecting the living area with the large deck and pool outside. White, wood and just a hint of deep bluish-gray define this bright home that is easy on your senses! [Photography: Albrecht I. Schnabel]

Rear facade, pool and deck of contemporary home in Austria with a wooden exterior
Sheltered balcony on the upper level of the house with ample shade offers lovely views
Sleek contemporary kitchen in white with wooden floors and appliances in black
View of the dining area and the kitchen of the home with ample natural lighting
Warm lighting and floor-to-ceiling glass walls and sliding glass doors shape rear facade of the home
Covered entrance of the home beautifully combines concrete with wood

The small window openings in the silver fir façade towards the neighboring houses only frame specific views. The building opens generously to the south and the garden: room-high sliding doors on the raised ground floor extend the living space to the outside, with direct access to the terrace and an exposed concrete pool. Above, a full-length balcony with a wooden balustrade offers privacy and security to the room-height glazed bedrooms…

Deck and pool area of the home as viewed from the upper level
Dining area and family room of the home that extends into the deck outside
Expansive wooden deck of the home with outdoor dining space and a pool that offers refreshing ambiance
LED lighting illuminates the steps leading to the deck and the pool
Floor plan of re-built House STA designed by Untertrifaller Architekten

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