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Malm Fireplaces That Complete Any Cozy Room

Malm fireplaces are iconic reminders of stylish ’60s and ’70s home decor. If you’re itching for some impressive fireplace vibes, then it’s time to consider incorporating these uber-stylish, comfortable ideas into your dwelling with these creative freestanding fireplaces. If you can’t afford a genuine Malm, here are lots of options.

Mellow Yellow

This bright setup, brimming with yellow, will brighten and cheer up any room. Add some colorful pillows and you’ve got a relaxing place to unwind in comfort.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Jewel of the Woods

This freestanding fireplace that sits above a tiled floor adds definition to a naturally lit, window-lined room.

Source: Philadwellphia


Make a bold statement with this wall-mounted fireplace perched near colorful furniture under the radiance of light brown walls.

Source: HGTV


Juxtapose some brightness with dark floors. This sleek fireplace oversees the room with a panoramic view.

Source: Quadrant Construction

Stage Play

This well-lit fireplace is the room’s center of attraction against a warm brick wall.

Source: Pinterest


Keep things immaculate with this nearly white room. The fireplace emerges from a white-bricked wall of the same color to complement the polished wooden floor and create a warm and natural atmosphere.

Source: Camille Styles

Rainbow Tones

Here’s a rainbow-inspired, bright, and airy living space with an eye-catching green fireplace that accentuates each element.

Source: Pittsburgh Magazine

Relaxing Morning

Warmth and serenity are what this sleek, black fireplace offers in a cozy room with a three-legged, handmade table.

Source: Pinterest


Alone time gets even better with this small fireplace and minimalist furniture in a white and grey room.

Source: 1stdibs


Opt for a ’70s inspired atmosphere with this minimalist fireplace that offers both looks and utility. It’s easy to appreciate how the room’s pink, orange, and gold notes come together at the midsection of the fireplace.

Source: Mid-century Millennial

Omni Port

This fireplace hangs at the end of a thin pipe that is 360 degrees adjustable. It can be mounted from the ceiling almost anywhere.

Source: Go Modern

Blue Lure

It’s not every day you see blue and brown mesh so well. This fireplace radiates calmly into this paneled, furniture-filled room to help you weather cold nights.

Source: Pinterest

Black Pearl

This room needed a center fireplace to harmonize the modern decor. It worked!

Source: Pinterest

The Lounger

The minimalist furniture in this room is set off by the bright red fireplace. The divider wall allows for it to be prominent while still saving space.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Outdoor Fireplace

Brilliant flowers feel the warmth of this big, brilliant fireplace situated outdoors.

Source: Yellow Brick Home


Lovers of simplicity will absolutely purr over this distinctive fireplace right under a set of bold mounted antlers.

Source: Pinterest

Partners in Warmth

Surrounding the fireplace with furniture and other items will help enliven the room. This one sits on hardwood flooring and radiates across the living space.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Game Night

This fireplace is perfect for game night. The modern chair, slim bookstand, and plain photo frame amplify the experience at the game table.

Source: Renegade Paint Co

A Focal Point

This well-accessorized fireplace is the focal point of this house, and is visible from every corner.

Source: Houzz

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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