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From Modular to Minimal: Trendy Bookcases for the Bibliophile in You!

In the modern world filled with smartphones, tablets and various other cool gadgets that allow you to access information at the press of a button, a book does seem out of place at times. Despite this increasing influence of these intuitive and ever-evolving platforms, a simple book still has an enduring and undying charm that makes it truly special. And even though we can immerse ourselves in countless forms of other entertainment activities, it is only a great book that allows us to explore the world, its plethora of intriguing characters, and at times alternate dimensions, without ever moving from our comfy recliner!

Estoril bookshelves add color and personality to the living space

Whether you are a bookworm who loves to spend endless hours flipping through pages or someone who just wishes to showcases his small book collection in a stylish fashion, a bookcase is an absolute must. Often doubling as beautiful, decorative units, a fabulous bookshelf or two can easily alter the appeal of your living room or home office while giving it a more organized and curated look. And the 7 trendy and versatile bookcases from Cattelan Italia fit this billing perfectly, as they blend form, ergonomics and exquisite design.

Colorful and Creative

We start our journey into this wonderful world of creative bookshelves with a Gino Carollo design – Estoril. Apart from the usual black, white and gray, this cool bookshelf is also available in sunny yellow and is a perfect way to add some bright color to the neutral living room or create a striking focal point in the home library. While it might not seem like there is plenty of space here for all of your books, Estoril is deceptively accommodating and definitely stands out from the pack.

Deceptively spacious and sleek bookshelves with ladder design
Estoril bookshelves by Gino Carollo for Cattelan Italia
Space-savvy bookshelves fit into even the tiniest corner

Modular Ease

Are you on the hunt for a contemporary, adaptable and modular bookshelf that fits in with a wide range of decorating themes? Wally might just be the bookcase you are after! Conjured up and crafted by Philip Jackson, Wally is made from lacquered embossed MDF and available in four different hues, including black and white. This is essentially a bookshelf that can multi-task with ease, can fit into any living room or home office composition, and is the quintessential modern bookshelf!

Gorgeous and adaptable bookshelf from Cattelan Italia with contemporary flair
Contemporary Wally Bookcase with modular adaptability
Modular bookcase Wally designed by Philip Jackson
Tuck away the lovely bookshelf behind the couch!
Use smart bookshelf units to delineate space in open plan living
Pick a configuration of Wally that fits your living space of home office

Delineating Space in Style

Another Philip Jackson masterpiece, Loft is one of those bookcases that you would expect to come across in a high-end bookstore. Apart from its instantly recognizable and unique frame, the smart shelf also offers you a fashionable way of delineating space in an open plan living area without relying on partitions and half-walls. You can also create a room-within-a-room using one of these and turn that living room corner into a cozy reading nook with adequate privacy.

Create a room within a room with modular bookshelves
Loft wooden bookshelves from Cattelan Italia
Open bookshelves can also be decorated with vases and accessories to a create lovely focal point
Loft bookshelf in white lacquered embossed MDF
Stylish and modular bookshelves in wood by Philip Jackson

Sculptural and Contemporary

A new entrant to the Cattelan Italia stable, Tokyo is one of those bookshelves that looks as amazing when it is absolutely empty as it does when filled with your favorite books. In fact, this Andrea Lucatello design can be used just as a standalone sculptural addition that holds maybe a vase or two, making it an awesome buy for even those who are not blessed with a book collection. While it might not be able take the brunt of your vast book collection, it provides a great platform to showcase your favorite page-turners.

Sculptural and ultra-minimal bookshelves Tokyo from Andrea Lucatello
Taking a closer look at the refined bookshelf Tokyo
Going beyond a bookshelf – Tokyo from Cattelan Italia
Tokyo bookshelf in metal is perfect for the contemporary-minimal interior

Space-Savvy Design

Level is a design that reminds you of the classic bookshelf with linear horizontal shelves and unassuming form. Yet there is a little twist at the end of it all, with the edges of the shelves being bent to give this sleek bookcase a unique and contemporary appeal. You can configure one of these with shelves ranging from three to seven, and of course, there is also an option that lets you customize this Pierluigi Stella creation even further.

Level wall bookcase by Pierluigi Stella
Minimal and ergonomic design of level makes it ideal for the small studio apartment
Wooden shelves of Level add visual warmth even while blending in with contemporary and minimal styles

Industrial Simplicity

With a simple, metallic frame that puts functionality ahead of ornate finishes and a hint brass, Hudson is a bookshelf that seems both modern and industrial. Designed by Giorgio Cattelan, the smart modular bookcase is another space-saver, as it fits in into even the smallest of nooks, and you can expand the shelf by adding additional units as your book collection starts to flourish. The open design of Hudson also ensures the unabated passage of natural light, giving the open living space an airy ambiance.

Trendy Hudson bookshelf for modern living space and home offices
Sleek bookshelf from Cattelan Italia takes up very little square footage
Modular bookcase and decorative shelf by Giorgio Cattelan

Up the Style Quotient!

We finish our roundup of these fashionable bookcases with our personal favorite – Giotto designed by Andrea Lucatello. Ladder-style shelving is a hot trend that seems to have found its way into bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even home offices. While most of these designs are generally traditional and a touch rustic, Giotto is far more contemporary and sophisticated. Built with a solid Canaletto walnut frame, it also promises to bring a dash of textural contrast to the modern interior.

Beautiful and functional ladder styled bookcase
Elegant modern bookshelves also double as lovely displays
Closer look at the Giotto Bookshelf in Canaletto walnut
Simple and minimal form of bookshelves makes it perfect for the small living room

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