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Inhabit: Tranquil Treehouse with Stunning Views of Catskills Mountain Range

Living in New York City is an experience of its own and is well and truly unmatched. But there are times when even those who love the glitz and glam of Manhattan and the neighborhood beyond, wish to escape the constant rush and bright lights. Nestled in the scenic town of Woodstock and overlooking the majestic Catskills Mountain Range along with lush green canopy and a natural pond is the Inhabit Treehouse – a perfect natural retreat that is barely a couple of hours’ drive away from NYC. The treehouse designed by Antony Gibbon Designs is as impressive as the views it promises with an interior that is cozy, relaxing and yet unassuming.

Gorgeous treehouse is just an hour’s drive away from the bright lights of New York

A dense forest surrounds the treehouse and beautifully framed views become an inherent part of life at this dreamy getaway. The natural lake next to the treehouse adds to its appeal. On the inside, it is a world of wood that holds sway as an open and modest lounge welcomes you. A loft style bedroom above maximizes the available space while balconies on either side of the small kitchen allow the owners to take in the scenery outside. Despite its minimal size, the treehouse can easily host 3 to 4 guests and smart lighting completes a rejuvenating hideaway that is simply mesmerizing!

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Elevated level of the cabin offers lovely views of the lush green scenery and beyond
Natural pond and woods surrounding the tranquil treehouse
Woodsy interior of the Inhabit cabin with stunning views of the landscape
Lounge and loft level bedroom of the cabin in woods
Modest kitchen of the treehouse with breakfast bar
Balconies on either side of the kitchen offer mesmerizing views

The treehouse combines the best qualities of a rustic, woodsy retreat with modern comfort, simplicity and efficiency. Nothing ever seems like a waste in here and every inch of space is maximized even as the architects create an uncluttered space. Wrapped inside its warm confines, is a window into a world filled with natural goodness. [Photography: Martin Dimitrov]

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Cozy and minimal loft level bedroom of the treehouse
View of the spectacular Catskills mountain range from the bedroom
Floor to ceiling glass windows bring the views inside
Kitchen and lounge area of the treehouse
Floor plan of Inhabit treehouse with views of Catskills mountain range

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