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Greenery and Natural Finishes Define this Tranquil Home in Valle de Bravo

Every home has a little element in it somewhere that makes it special and ensures that it stands out from the crowd. When it comes to charismatic Valle Santana conjured up and brought to life by Manuel Cervantes Estudio in the vibrant neighborhood of Valle de Bravo, Mexico, it is both the landscape and the materials used for building the escape that steal the spotlight! A lush green forest around the house slowly leads the way to the entry that is flanked by large stone walls. Step beyond these stone walls and you have a modern, yet modern, residence that embraces both vernacular design and contemporary touches gleefully.

Lovely natural forest and stone wall-clad entryway leads to the lovely villa in Valle de Bravo

A slanting wooden ceiling sets the tone in the large, open living area with kitchen, dining space and social zone. The covered courtyards and walkways extend the living areas outdoors and into the relaxing hangouts surrounded by reflective pools and ample, tropical greenery. A Jacuzzi in here makes things even more luxurious while the three bedrooms with walk-in closets and expansive bathrooms complete a world where you can both rest and rejuvenate with ease. A perfect, nature-centric home with an energetic rustic vibe! [Photography: Rafael Gamo]

Open living area, dining room and kitchen of the home in forest in Mexico
Reflective pools, Jacuzzi and natural forest around the Mexican home make it a visual treat
Spacious and luxurious outdoor hangout with a view of the forest all around
Sun-filled sitting area next to the courtyard with a relaxing ambiance
Wooden ceiling along with stone walls and glass floor-to-ceiling walls usher in a whole world of textures

An integral part of this project is the landscape design, which generates a transition between the building and the surrounding nature, through a vegetational palette of the region, reinforcing the sense of integration that the project seeks. Furniture manufactured on-site using stone finishes and the same wood of the structure was integrated into these spaces, in an exercise of total integration of space and its functionality.

Long corridors and walkways around the house turn it into a spacious and cozy setting
Sloped ceiling of the home is even more prominent after sunset thanks to warm lighting
View of Valle Santana designed by Manuel Cervantes Estudio in valle de Bravo, Mexico
Greenery, water features and tranquil living add to the ambiance of this Mexican forest home

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