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Unboxing Potential: Custom Design Turns the Floor into Toy Storage Space

Think of storage space and our mind drifts towards wall-mounted cabinets and large shelves that make the most of the vertical room on offer in our modest homes. But have you ever considered all the floor space that goes to waste? Yup, this fabulous and creative home is an extended terrace house located in Melbourne, Australia, where Austin Maynard Architects utilized the floor to create a toy box that allows the homeowner to tuck away all the mess after a long, fun-filled day with her little one.

Renovated Mills House by Asutin Maynard Architects in Melbourne

The idea behind this nifty feature was driven by the constant hassle that parents face all across the world where the floor ends up being a cluttered mess filled with a million things after the kids’ playtime! Instead of having to pick up every single item, neatly organize it on the shelves or store items in giant baskets, the new mom of this Melbourne home can simply open up the toy-box floor and sweep away the mountain of toys! It is easy, does not really break your back, and you definitely are creating new storage space that has never been tapped into.

Contemporray rear extension of terrace house in Melbourne

Floor storage space at the Mills House

Perforated metal staircase design and sunken storage zone and seating in the living room

Turn your living room floor into giant storage space

Internal courtyar brings in plenty of natural light

Corridor turned into smart and efficinet kitchen space

Home workspace connected with the small yard outside

Window on top level allows those to top level to interact with ones in yard

Let natural light from from one level to next with perforated metal

But the smart rear extension of the house offers much more than the 1.5-feet-deep toy-box floor. The sunken design of the living area also turns it into a lovely gathering space for friends and family, and the open design of the new extension along with the corridor and kitchen ensure that there is a flood of filtered light indoors. Another striking feature of the residence is the perforated metal screen that filters out harsh sunlight while illuminating both the levels of the home.

Custom fixtures such as the loft bed in the kids’ room and the colorful fiberglass bathtub in the bathroom make cleaning and maintenance a lot easier and turn the revamped Mills House into a breezy delight! [Photography: Peter Bennetts Studio]

Multi-purpose, custom kids' room storage and display space

Space-saving kids' bedroom design with loft bed and ample toy storage space

Breezy design of perforated metal staircase

Bespoke fiberglass bathtub in bright yellow for the bathroom

Fiberglass bathtub makes cleaning your bathroom far easier

Stylish perforated metal staircase allows for passage of natural light

Perforated metal frame of the extension filters out harsh sunlight

Perforated metal screen for the modern home extension

View of the modern rear extension of terrace home in Melbourne

Brick and metal create a stylish extension for the contemporary home

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