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Top Halloween Decorating Trends You Just Cannot Ignore this Year

Autumn is here and with it all things ‘pumpkin’ are once again back in trend. You are bond to see your sense being overwhelmed by orange goodness all around you and ‘pumpkin spice flavored’ versions of almost everything that one can imagine! But cut out the clutter, get past the hype and you know that it is time for all the festive celebrations that you love so dearly! It all starts with Halloween, as always, and we are here to help you get a head start on things this year as well with Halloween decorating ideas that are just super trendy right now.

Porch that is ready to welcome guests on Halloween with a whole lot of spookiness! [From: At Home]

Each Halloween brings with it something subtly different in terms of the most popular ideas for that particular season. Yes, the carved pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns and spooky candles never go out of style. But we are talking about the larger picture here – how do you bring all those things together and plan for that perfect Halloween this year. Top Halloween trends for 2021 surprise you by combining many of the classics with a modern twist and bring vintage elements back to life. Step in and discover the best ideas for the season along with inspirations that will get you started –

Go All-out in the Front yard!

There are plenty of other times when minimalism is the way forward this year, but decorating the front porch or yard for Halloween this season is not one of those places. Go all-out in the front yard when it comes to Halloween decoration and try out themes that vary from a spooky grave yard to maybe one that captures the current, popular zombie trend. The classic like jack-o-lanterns, carved pumpkins, and wiry white ghosts are all a part of this setting.

Fabulous front yard and entrance Halloween decorating idea that is an absolute stunner
Spooky and unique Halloween front porch decorating idea that comes alive after dark!
Witches on the broom is a popular decorating idea this year for Halloween!

Decorative Halloween Trees

Trees are not just for Christmas decorations alone this year with orange and black Halloween trees making a big splash! These small and stylish decorative pieces can be bought easily and you can decorate them with either an eerie, dark theme or one that is much more light and minimal. DIY Halloween trees crafted from bottle brushes, small trees on the fireplace mantle and vintage, illuminate Halloween trees readily available from sources like etsy are all ‘in’ this Halloween.

Beautifully illuminated Halloween character trees are once again popular this season
Exquisite black and orange trees are just perfect as decorative pieces for the Halloween dinner table
Get creative with your Halloween tree selection and turn up the creepiness in your home!
Pick a little Halloween tree to decorate the window sill or the fireplace mantle this month [From: BHG]

Bring Halloween to Every Room

Each holiday season we love the idea of bringing the festive charm to every room of the house and this adds to the celebratory mood in the air. Halloween is no different and you should try and add lovely, appropriate Halloween decorations to rooms beyond just the living area and the dining room this fall. Bring a bit of Halloween inspiration to the bedroom with ceiling decorations, cutout next to the windows and usher spookiness into the kitchen with Halloween-themed garlands, decorations and maybe even kitchenware.

Halloween-themed kitchen decorations completely alter the ambiance of this once cozy space [From: The Horror of Being Emily]
Modern kitchen with Halloween decorations that feel minimal and classy
Dark backdrop of the bedroom make sit perfect for Halloween decoration

Old School with Halloween Decorations

With everyone taking a more modern approach to Halloween in the last few years, it is easy to understand why people want to bring back a bit of old school charm to the displays this year. A lot of orange and black, the timeless Halloween elements like hanging bat motifs, witch-cutouts in the windows and cobwebs all around are a great way to embrace this look. Lighting this setting right makes an even bigger visual impact.

Fabulous Halloween Luminaries bring vintage charm to your holiday decoration [From Walmart]
Going old school with Halloween decorations adds an additional pizzazz to your celebrations [From: purewow]
More vintage and classy approach to decorating the Halloween porch [From: RénoDéco etc]

Embrace a Hint of Dark Minimalism

Not a big fan of more ghastly Halloween decorations? Maybe you are not someone who loves the look of zombies, bats, cobwebs and witches all around. Not to worry as there is a more minimal and contemporary way to decorate for the day and one that is equally trendy this season. Simple, framed Halloween-themed posters and wall art, elegant cutouts that fit in with the modern look and Halloween-themed accent pillows should do the trick in here.

Hard to go more minimal with Halloween decorations that this dark twig wreath [From: earnest home co]
Candles , pumpkins and a few candles allow you to decorate your home for Halloween with an air of minimalism
DIY BOO banner is just perfect for those who are not too happy about spooky Halloween decorations [From: a beautiful mess]

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