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Going Vertical: Tiny 22-Sqm Apartment Maximizes Space in Style

Finding an apartment in a big city that you can call your own is increasingly difficult, and the sky-high prices add to the conundrum of the young urban denizen. Taipei, Taiwan is one such bustling city where every inch of space is an absolute premium, and homeowners are forced to make the most of what is on offer. This tiny old apartment is a perfect example of one such space, which was completely transformed by A Little Design with ‘out of the box’ design that taps into the vertical room available. Designed to meet the demands of a young globetrotter, the renovated apartment focuses on functionality coupled with a deceptively airy ambiance.

Tiny apartment with smart space solutions in Taiwan

Despite the limited 22 square meters on offer, the designers attempted to create an open and unhindered living space without any further partitions that could result in a claustrophobic setting. A corner window bench and twin tables that double as both a workstation and a dining area ensure that the living area is uncluttered, even as the tall wardrobe offers ample storage space. It is the open shelves above the wardrobe that draw your attention instantly, as they bring both aesthetic charm and practicality to the small interior.

Look at the small kitchen, living are and mezzanine level of the tiny apartment

Small apartment makes complete use of vertical space on offer with floor-to-ceiling shelves

Sitting nook and daybed next to the window with built-in storage

Twin tables can also be used for dining purpose

Stairway with a simply handrail leads to the mezzanine level bedroom

Mezzanine level loft bedroom for the tiny apartment

Mezzanine level bedroom and workdesk of the tint Taipei apartment

Open shelves on the top level offer ample display space

A narrow entrance leads to the kitchen and the bathroom next to it, which seem a lot more spacious than they really are, thanks to the all-white color scheme. With a mezzanine-level bedroom above the bathroom and an additional work area squeezed into this loft space, this is an apartment where every last bit of room is fully utilized. Clever, resourceful and clean, this ingenious Taipei home gives us ample inspiration when it comes to maximizing space. [Photography: Hey! Cheese]

Simple change in configuration of twin tables offers a different work environment

Narrow entrance to the kitchen and bathroom of the small urban apartment

Functional kitchen design with sleek floating shelf and smart, wall-mounted cabinets

Small kitchen that also serves as a quick laundry space

Turn the small corner into a stylihs workspace

Spacious and light filled bathroom and shower area of the small Taipei apartment

White tiles and natural light give the bathroom a spacious and airy appeal

Track lighting illuminates the open shelves above the wardrobe

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