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A Trendy Reflection: Tinted Mirror Style

Now it’s possible to see the world through rose-colored glass! After all, there’s a tinted mirror trend that’s going strong in the world of high-end design, and it’s making its way into the catalogs of our favorite retailers as well. Unusual, striking, geometric and undeniably modern, tinted mirrors are part work of art, part functional reflective surface. Today we’re taking a look at the many ways tinted mirrors are making an impact in the realms of art and design. Read on to discover how you can creatively incorporate them into your home…

Types of Tinted Mirrors

There are many different designs featuring reflective tinted glass, from the large to the tiny. Below we see the home of interior stylist Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen, photographed by Hannah Lembolt. Since the majority of the room is black and white, the warm tone of this giant mirror has a saturated, striking appearance. [from Nordic Design]

Tinted mirror in a modern dining room

Some tinted mirrors are true works of art, crafted to celebrate elements of design and creativity. This Tinted Mirror by Daniel Rybakken is in fact two main pieces: one actual mirror and one piece of colored glass that creates a “tinted mirror” feel. The glass is suspended from the ceiling, while the mirror is mounted to the wall. The configuration results in a 3D object:

Tinted Mirror by Daniel Rybakken

An increasing number of small design studios are creating tinted mirrors, and some of them feature a two-toned look. This Low Profile Mirror is from Fort Standard, and you can customize it to be the shape and size of your choice. A range of mirror types are also available:

Tinted mirror from Fort Standard

Etsy artisans are even offering tinted mirrors in bold shapes. This Blue Round Mirror from Etsy shop Mirror Coop features blue mirrored glass. Check out more of their vintage-meets-modern collections here.

Tinted blue Art Deco mirror

Although no longer available, these Honefoss mirrors from IKEA featured hexagonal designs in two tints, and the entire pack of 10 was only $29.99! Yes, budget-friendly tinted mirrors are on the rise, and we’re hoping more of them make an appearance. [via Remodelista]

Tinted mirrors from IKEA

Mirrored Decor from AYTM

We now shine the spotlight on mirrored decor from the AYTM, which offers tinted mirrors, mirrored ornaments, jewelry boxes with mirrored surfaces, and more. In fact, below we get a glimpse of the Gutta jewelry box with mirror, along with the Speculum mirror table. And there’s more where that came from, folks. Don’t get us started on their mirrored cube candle holders!

Mirrored decor from AYTM

Next is a cluster of round Circum mirrors, which are available in large and small, Rose and Black. If you prefer square to round, check out Quadro.

Circum mirrors from AYTM

If a hint of mirrored glass is what you’re after, you’ll love Pila, which is available in Rose, Black, Dark Grey and Gold (shown below):

Gold mirror ornament from AYTM

Check out all of AYTM’s mirrored offerings here.

Mira Duo Mirrors from Middle of Nowhere

Melbourne-based design studio Middle of Nowhere has created an amazing collection of dual-tone mirrors featuring mirrored glass in geo forms. Below is the Mira Duo Mirror: Dusk, which includes a matte painted frame, as well as a peach tinted mirrored panel that beautifully contrasts the piece’s regular mirrored panel:

Peach tinted glass mirror from Middle of Nowhere

With the style of a geo object, this mirror is a definite focal point, especially if the color palette of the room is subtle. Combine it with items such as plants and artwork to create a modern vignette with shine:

Dual-tone mirror from Middle of Nowhere
Geo style from Middle of Nowhere

Mira Duo mirrors are also available in the colors Storm and Ocean. Note the large and small sizing, as well as the way both mirrors can combine to create an interplay of angle, color and shine:

Mira Duo Mirrors from Middle of Nowhere
Grey geo mirror from Middle of Nowhere
Blue colorbocked geo mirror

Check out Middle of Nowhere’s wide range of modern offerings here.

Colorblocked Mirrors from West Elm

Tinted mirror style has made its way to beloved retailers such as West Elm in the form of colorblocked treasures featuring intersecting and overlapping panels. Colorful glass in subtle shades of silver, gold and rose gold make an appearance on these geometric wall mirrors. Mixed metallics at their finest…

Tinted colorblocked mirrors from West Elm

The Round Colorblocked Mirror uses circular (and semicircular) motifs to create an interesting interplay of three tones that make a big impact without dominating the larger mirrored surface:

Round tinted glass mirror from West Elm

For the Square Colorblocked Mirror, the tinted mirrored panels remain in tidy segments of long rectangles, as well as a corner triangle:

Square colorblocked mirror from West Elm

Double Diamonds has a retro-modern feel, thanks to its duo-diamond form, which creates an overlapping section consisting of two triangles (one in gold, one in rose gold):

Modern geo mirror from West Elm

Learn more about West Elm’s trio of colorblocked mirrors here.

Tinted Mirrors by Federico Floriani

We end today’s post with a collection of Mask mirrors in hexagonelosange and ovale forms. Designed by Federico Floriani and produced by Petite Friture, these reflective works feature serigraphied lines over tinted mirrored glass.

Mirrors by Federico Floriani

Sold individually, these pieces are particularly stunning when displayed in a group. You can read an interview with Federico Floriani and learn more about the mirrors here.

Tinted mirrors by Federico Floriani

Will you be bringing the reflective allure of tinted mirrors into your home? Tell us about your favorites in today’s post by leaving a comment below…

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