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This Melbourne Home for a Retired Couple is All About Minimalism and Functionality

Smart renovations and extensions are always not just about adding new rooms and expanding the living area outdoors. There are times when homeowners want to cut back on the unnecessary and give their house a smart and sensible makeover that improves lifestyle. Nestled in a relaxing, modern neighborhood of Melbourne, the Brighton Residence is one such gorgeously revamped classic house, where the modern and the timeless come together in a seamless manner. Revamped and renovated by Jacobs Thomas & Associates for a retired couple, simplicity, efficiency and a breezy indoor-outdoor interface are the keys to this utilitarian home improvement project.

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Sliding glass doors leading into the open plan living area of the new rear extension

The heritage street façade of the home with its classic design was left untouched as the new additions sit comfortably behind it and away from the gaze of those passing by. It is easy to fall in love with the open plan living area that extends into the backyard thanks to the large sliding glass doors. A living area, kitchen and dining space with modern style and neutral color scheme become the heart of the house as bright wall art pieces and contemporary décor in brown usher in a dash of color.

Open plan living area, dining space and kitchen in white with bright wall art and modern decor
Picture window adds greenery and light to the dining area along with the kitchen
All-white modern kitchen design idea with stone countertops and polished shelves
All-white modern kitchen design idea with stone countertops and polished shelves
Closer look at the dining area and the kitchen of the Melbourne home
Modern and minimal home workstation design with just a floating wooden plank in the corner

Another ingenious feature of the house is the large picture window in the fresh dining area that brings greenery and natural light to both the dining space and the kitchen as well. With custom work desks sitting at the end of an open room and overlooking the greenery outside, there is plenty of room for the couple to get some work done in a serene and ergonomic setting. A cheerful renovation with a minimal twist! [Photography: Lisbeth Grosmann]

Slim floating wooden desks at the end of a long, open hallway with ample natural light serve as workstations
Floating wooden desks create smart office space with green views
Gorgeous orange drawer in the bedroom adds color to the white transitional bedroom
Greenery outside the house becomes a part of the work area thanks to large glass walls
Light-filled and cheerful all-white bathroom design
Heritage street facade of the Melbourne home has been left untouched during the makeover

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