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Warm and Cozy Trend: Best Bathrooms with Timeless Terracotta Tiles

Having searched different corners of the globe for different trends that will largely define decorating trends of 2019 and specifically those of spring this year, we have found that there are a few ‘organic elements’ that are catching on with homeowners all over. These include floral patterns, botanical prints and even textures that provide modern interiors a cozy and comfortable vibe. It is a part of this growing love for more nature-centric and classic materials that has seen terracotta tiles once again make a wonderful comeback. Considered rustic and exotic previously, they are finding space in contemporary homes with ease.

Rustic and Spanish touches combined seamlessly in the audacious bathroom [From: Rustico Tile and Stone]

Terracotta tiles in the bathroom do much more than just bring a different aesthetic value to the setting. They offer a durable and easy-to-maintain surface that lasts the test of time while offering a natural slip-resistant surface. Unlike more polished stone finishes, terracotta tiled floors bring elegance and an air of timeless panache and do so without costing a fortune. This is a look at the bets bathrooms with teracotta tiles

Anchoring the Colorful Bathroom

In a Mediterranean bathroom or an exotic Spanish revival style bathroom that features ample color and loads of pattern, the calming terracotta tiled floor can provide the perfect backdrop. Neutral and understated, terracotta tiles do not stand in your way of trying bolder colors and go along with pretty much any style that you have going. Even if you choose to change the colors down the line, the tiles need not be altered at all and you can even extend them to the walls for a more charming bathroom.

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Rustic bathroom with Mediterranean appeal and gorgeous use of terracotta tiles [From: Anna Addison Photography]
Terracotta tiles bring warmth, color and classic appeal to the bathroom [From: Astleford Interiors]
Eclectic mix of color, pattern and texture in the tiny bathroom full of life [From: Projects General Construction]

Hint of Modernity

Terracotta tiles need not be relegated to bathrooms that embrace oriental, Mediterranean or Moroccan tiles alone. Even in the contemporary bathroom, terracotta tiles feel completely at home and with modern industrial styled bathroom, these tiles seem even more apt. Move away from tiles with bolder, reddish tint and try out tiles in grayish hues to ensure that they blend in with the color scheme of the room.

Modern farmhouse bathroom with terracotta tile flooring [From: Mosaic del Sur]
Perfect modern Mediterranean bathroom in white with terracotta floor tiles
Golden accents add brightness to bathroom in white with skylights and terracotta tiles [From: Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths]

Styles that Transcend Eras

You can mix different styles in the bathroom with ease while using terracotta tiles as they act as a bridge between various elements and themes. Add a few indoor plants, usher in metallic accents and try out a vintage element like the vanity with distressed finish to create that dream bathroom. Darker terracotta tiles can be used in the all-white bathroom to create contrast and with a beautiful, white bathtub, the bathroom feels even more exquisite.

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Stunningly beautiful use of dark terracotta tiles in the bathroom [From: Signature Designs Kitchen Bath]
Terracotta floor tiles and plastered walls bring old world Moroccan and Indian style to the bathroom [From: Maraya Interior Design]
Mediterranean style bedrooms in white and blue with terracotta floor tiles

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