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15 Whimsical Teepee Reading Nooks for Kids

If you need a bit of help getting your kids off the computer or away from the TV and into reading more books, you should definitely consider joining the teepee trend! It’s just what it sounds like — a small teepee made with sticks and fabric that you can decorate however you like for your kids to play (and read) in. It’s an easy DIY project that anyone can do, and your kids will probably love you for it! Here are just a few teepee design ideas to help kick off your inspiration.

Lively Lights

A super easy way to dress up your kids’ new reading teepee is by adding some mini lights or lantern lights to it. These first two simple white teepee examples from The Boo and The Boy and Chloe Fleury show how much of a gorgeous impact they can make.

Teepee reading nook with clean colors, patterns, and lantern lights
Simple white teepee with lots of toys nearby to play with

You can even string them above the teepee area for some extra light, like this example from Pillow Thought.

Simple teepee stocked with pillows and books

This teepee found on Brit + Co makes a great addition to a playroom, and the extra added light at the top will certainly be useful for seeing the words on the pages of all those books on the shelf beside it!

Cozy white teepee with lots of comfy pillows

In the Nursery

Even the youngest of kids can enjoy these adorable little fort-like creations. Check out this lovely little teepee from Jenn Loves Kev that was designed to fit right in with the nursery decor. Same with the second example below from The Tom Kat Studio!

Teepee in nursery with fabric that matches the crib
Pink, white, and gray teepee in a little girl’s nursery

Of course, you can always get away with a simple white teepee too, since it goes with everything! This teepee featured on Project Nursery fits perfectly in a corner of a nursery room designed with soft blue hues.

Simple teepee in a corner of a nursery

Fun with Fabric and Patterns

As shown in a couple of the nursery examples above, it’s clear that you can have a lot of fun with picking out the fabric and designing your kids’ teepees using all sorts of different pieces of decor. This one featured on House of Turquoise pairs bold black and white fabric for the teepee with some colorful pages of magazines and books in the corner behind it.

Striped teepee as a reading nook in a corner of the room

Another example from Project Nursery uses fabric featuring bigger stripes for a different look that shows off a lot of great and different patterns all around.

Teepee made with sticks and striped fabric

This teepee made from fabric featuring a world map was another favorite we spotted at The Boo and The Boy.

Teepee corner made with colorful map fabric

Or how about some lace? This elegantly feminine teepee from Oh My Dear Blog would be every little girl’s dream!

Girly teepee reading nook made with lace fabric

Simple Yet Cozy

You don’t necessarily need to have fancy fabric and lights to make your kids’ new teepee look perfectly whimsical and cozy, although it sure can help. All you really need is a plain sheet — and then you can wrap some optional decorations or banners around it like these two teepees from The Wise Baby and Bliss At Home.

Simple DIY teepee
Little reading nook teepee besides a bookshelf

Or just leave it as it is! The white teepee paired with cozy gray pillows was another that was featured on The Boo and The Boy.

Simple white teepee with gray pillows and blankets

This particular reading nook from Frenchy Fancy takes more of tent approach rather than a teepee structure, showing off a bit of a different design trend you might want to consider. There’s even an added banner behind it and a little flag for the front.

Pink, white, and gray teepee for a little girl’s reading nook

What do you think about teepee reading nooks? If it doesn’t get your kids reading, it should at least keep them quiet for a short period of time!

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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