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Rural Escape: Sustainable and Woodsy Cabin Inspired by A-Frame Design

A vast estate that stretches into the outback, solitude brought in by nature and a getaway that brings classic and modern design elements together in a dramatic fashion – JR’s Hut on the Kimo Estate in New South Wales has it all! A design that was pulled off together by Anthony Hunt Design and Luke Stanley Architects, this woodsy little escape embraces the form a classic A-frame tent and does so with plenty of modern finesse. Nestled on the tranquil Aussie estate, the cabin acts as a beautiful refuge and a lovely outpost, offering wonderful views of the panoramic backdrop.

Wooden exterior and A-frame form of the JR’s Hut

Locally sourced hardwood is used throughout the house and this not only made the project a lot more sustainable, but also cut down dramatically on the building time and costs. The interior is simple and elegant with distractions if modern life being kept away. It is the view outside that holds your attention and the small bedroom with a smart little workspace and modest balcony help you relax and rejuvenate. It is easy to forget about daily life and its many worries as you step into this expansive estate and this modern cabin makes the experience even more memorable! [Photography: Hilary Bradford]

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Locally sources Australian hardwoods used for the construction of the A-frame
Smart and sustainable design of the cabin in the outback
Unique way to store firewood next to the modern fireplace
View of the vast estate from the cabin
Woodsy interior of the hut crafted using wood sourced locally
Cozy interior and deck of the cabin

Anthony & Luke have created an amazing project that leaves our customers with a sense of place in the environment. We expect the hut to stand the test of time and have been overwhelmed with the response. – David & Emelia Ferguson, Kimo Estate

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JR’s Hut in Kimo Estate in New South Wales, Australia
Kimo Hut design stands out in the natural backdrop
Vast estate around the cabin gives it a serene appeal
Vast expanse of the estate offers guests complete privacy
A-frame design of the dashing Aussie getaway
Closer look at the frame of the JR’s Hut

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