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This Urbane and Eye-Catching High-End Showroom is Color-Coded!

Ever walked into a store and marveled at its design even before checking out what is on display? It does happen to us quite often and even if you are not particularly a design aficionado, there are times when you would still be awestruck by the interior of a showroom or even a small and elegant storefront. Housing A Whimsical Wander(AWW), a high-end women’s fashion brand launched in 2015, this gorgeous showroom in Seoul, South Korea, is one such beautiful space where color and curated brilliance force you to take a quick peek inside. Created by Nooyoon Deisgn to match the polished image of the clothing brand, each space here is color-coded to usher in a sense of whimsical charm.

A Whimsical Wander Showroom in Seoul, Korea

The pink chamber inside the showroom is the entry space and the waiting room that welcomes customers with two changing rooms in pink also next to it. Every part of this giant room is painted in pastel pink with even pink tiles and elegant detail adding to the monochromatic vibe. A lovely and delicate chandelier along with series of recessed lights illuminates the space evenly while two archways connect it with the white and the gray room.

White room of the clothing showroom offers the best of high-end fashion in Korea
Gorgeous gray office with a sparkling chandelier
Pink entry of the AWW showroom is a showstopper
Pink waiting room of the high-end clothing store in Seoul
View of the gray office room from the pink entry

The white chamber serves as the clothing room, displaying the latest designs and the best of fashion trends from AWW while the gray chamber serves as the office space. A monochromatic decorating approach to each room along with beautiful use of tiles, lighting and a sprinkling of greenery indoors makes this showroom both unique and exceptionally polished. [Photography: Suman Chun]

Lighting adds to the ambiance of the all pink entry room
Gray and pink room at the AWW showroom in Seoul
Floor plan of the AWW showroom
Look at the design of the AWW showroom in Korea
Differently colored chambers of the showroom clearly delineate space

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