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Sustainable Low-Maintenance Aussie Home Overlooking Beautiful Valleys

Living close to nature means much more than just building a house that overlooks a stunning natural landscape and is surrounded by greenery at all times. Perched atop a beautiful spot that offers amazing views of Kangaroo River and the valleys beyond, this Rural Retreat in Australia is one that draws you in with its apparent simplicity of design and green credentials. Created and brought to life by Utz Sanby Architects, the gorgeous home has a smart, eco-sensitive system that reduces consumption of energy, taps into solar power which runs the house efficiently and makes the most of rainwater that the area receives.

View of the Rural Retreat in Kangaroo Valley with a stunning view of the landscape

A series of open pavilions are combined to fashion this elegant residence that has a protected courtyard and views that bring the outdoors inside in a majestic fashion. Photo-voltaic panels not only serve the heating needs of the home, they also produce 5KWh of power that is sufficient for the day-to-day running of the place. A waste management system further ensures that the carbon footprint is kept down to an absolute minimum while water recycling and storage facilities turn the house into a self-sufficient hub that can live off the grid entirely when needed.

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Sustainable and planet-friendly home in Australia with a stunning view
Open plan interior in white with kitchen and dining space
Plush gray sofas with black piping for the sitting area in white
Rug adds color to the interior in a cool and elegant fashion
Unabated view of the valleys from the living area of the house
Bar stools and backsplash in blue for the spacious modern kitchen
Kids’ bedroom with attic space and metallic ceiling beams

It is open plan living that ensures each room flows into the next and the spacious pool area, deck and gardens outside feel like a natural extension of the interior. Minimal modern décor, smart lighting with energy-saving LED fixtures and passive cooling techniques complete an Aussie home that is all about the well being of the planet! [Photography: Marian Riabic]

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Bar stools and backsplash in blue for the spacious modern kitchen
Gray and white contemporary bathroom of Rural Retreat
Metallic beams adds textural beauty to the spacious interior
Open pavilions and pool deck of the sustainable Aussie home
Wooden sauna overlooking the valleys beyond
Beautifully lit entranceway to the eco-friendly Rural Home in Kangaroo Valley
Bedroom with a sweeping view of the pool area and the valleys beyond
Floor plan of Rural Retreat in Australia

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