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Transparent Brilliance: Sustainable Glass House on the Lake is an Absolute Dream!

The idea of a beautiful house next to a tranquil lake and cloak of green all around is one that is both timeless and romantic. Bringing this into the contemporary world and giving it a transparent modern upgrade is the stunning Glass House on the Lake designed by Mecanoo. Nestled on the edge of gorgeous and serene lake in Lechlade, United Kingdom, this exquisite residence was created to effortlessly float on the lake from a visual perspective. Sitting on a wooden platform, the glass panels that create its edifice bring the outdoors inside with complete ease even as tall trees and gorgeous gardens hide it from public view.

Beautiful and magical Glass Villa on the Lake

It is undoubtedly the lot that makes the design of the Glass House possible and gives it such an impressive persona. The natural greenery around the lake allows for extensive use of glass without any hindrance while the lake provides the perfect picturesque backdrop. On the inside, modern minimalism takes over with white and metal palette taking over in every room. A dark staircase and light-filled atrium complete the house with the smart kitchen in the corner and other contemporary spaces being constantly connected with the lake outside. [Photography: mariashot.photo]

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Curved entrance path through the thick layer of greenery leads to the lake house
Glass House on the edge of a lake in England
Glass Villa on the edge of a lake
Reflective glass panels mirror the landscape and sky beautifully
Smart and hidden entrance leading to the Glass Villa
Villa on a Lake clad in glass

Water plants along the water line alternate with stepping stones that lead to other parts of the garden. On the water side, the villa has an optimal view over the lake. Terraces on two different levels connect the villa to both the land and the water, anchoring the house in nature and giving it a welcoming presence.

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Metal, glass and polished white surfaces shape the interior of the Lake House
Spacious and light-filled interior of the Villa on the Lake
Staircase connects the different levels of villa with ease
Sunken living room with large gray sectional and white bookshelf in the backdrop
Contemporary interiors of the lake house with white and steel palette
Contemporary kitchen of the Glass Villa on a Lake
Even the bathroom opens up towards the landscape outside
Lovely contrast between the white backdrop and the dark staircase

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