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42 Repurposed Containers Inside a Warehouse Reshape Rio’s Fashion Scene!

The fashion industry is not really renowned for its eco-savvy practices and is estimated to cause as much pollution in sales and consumption as it does during production. In a world where consumers are increasingly becoming more ‘green minded’, that is a practice which seems both counter-productive and unappealing. Bucking this trend with plenty of panache and design ingenuity is the unique MALHA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A Tavares Duayer Arquitetura design, this stunning complex was crafted from an old warehouse and 42 repurposed shipping containers and acts as a crucible for sustainable and eco-friendly ecosystems which aim to redefine the fashion industry.

Large warehouse in Rio filled with repurposed containers creates new-age trend in the fashion world

With ideas such as fair trade, environmental and social sustainability and independent local production MALHA acts as a unifying hub for likeminded folk from the Brazilian fashion scene and is being dubbed as the largest fashion platform in all of Latin America. Of course, it brings the added credential of eco-conscious production and sales of goods and under this 2500-sqaure-meter shed, a multitude of fashion brands, design firms, sewing studios, showrooms and photography studios take shelter. Each shipping container has been designed keeping in minds its specific purpose and one finds everything ranging from shared kitchens and auditoriums to restaurants and chic shops in here.

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A sustainable and fashion-centric hub in Rio - MALHA
A sustainable and fashion-centric hub in Rio – MALHA
Repurposed shipping containers add to the sustainable style of the shed
Curated and planet-friendly fashion trends make a statement at MALHA
Open sitting area, seminar spaces and cinema zone add to the appeal of the shed
Co-working spaces inside the innovative Rio Warehouse hub

The design is kept simple, uncomplicated and is reflective of the philosophy behind the idea of MALHA. The interior is simple and neutral in hue with plenty of natural light with spaces between the containers are also used cleverly to create social hangouts. It is the showrooms, sewing and photography studious at the forefront of the warehouse with shared kitchens, utility rooms and multipurpose spaces at the rear. Complete with a conference space and cinema zone, MALHA aims to promote the idea of eco-conscious fashion in more ways than one! [Photography: Ilana Bessler]
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Relaxing sitting area and display at MALHA
The shed becomes a place to innovate and share!
White color scheme and light-filled interior give the shed a cheerful look
Meeting zones and private areas at the breezy Brazilian hub
Meeting spaces and dining zones inside MALHA
MALHA in Rio redefines the idea of a classic fashion hub
Floor Plan of MALHA
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