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Inspired by Japanese Minimalism: Posh Scavolini Kitchen Conceals It All!

Looking for a kitchen that is truly minimal at its heart? Your search surely ends with the simply stunning Qi designed by Nendo for Scavolini! A modern masterpiece that imbibes the traditional, minimal dynamics of Japanese design, this state-of-the-art kitchen is all about doing away with mess and creating a polished and functional kitchen that is perfect for the contemporary home. Straight lines, a clean finish and curated wooden surfaces ensure that the Qi is both inviting and refined at the same time – a task that is hard to pull off at the best of times.

Japanese minimalism becomes the defining quality of this contemporary kitchen

The word ‘Qi’ in Japanese means a white container or storage unit. It is barely a surprise then that the kitchen is filled with white, bowl-styled storage units and closed wooden cabinets, which tuck away all the kitchenware and appliances. The entire kitchen here seems like a monolithic unit with one area flowing into the next. Even the dashing island at the heart of the kitchen plays into the overall thematic and diverse compositions ranging from the classic, L-shaped corner kitchen to the open, contemporary kitchen fit into this minimal design schematic.

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Fluida wall system combined with ultra-minimal Qi kitchen
Sleek and stylish corner kitchen composition
Wooden cabinets and island neatly tuck away all your kitchen appliances and utensils
Minimal and contemporary Qi Kitchen from Scavolini
Ingenious and minimal kitchen storage ideas

Qi is a great kitchen for the small urban home where one needs to find greater visual space. Providing versatile organizational solutions and space-savvy storage units, this sophisticated kitchen is definitely for those who love minimalism at its cultured best. Of course, you can always add warmer, more inviting layers to it with both décor and accessories!

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Gray, white and wood combine to create a stunningly minimal kitchen
Black and white contemporary minimal kitchen idea
Custom minimal wooden units are the calling card of this exquisite Scavolini kitchen
Custom task lighting adds to the minimal appeal of this stylish Scavolini kitchen
Fabulous Qi composition in all-white
Gray and wood minimal kitchen ideas

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