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Ideation Space: Reinventing Office Aesthetics with Sunken Luxury!

Modern offices have evolved from mere large spaces with numerous internal partitions and rigid design to flexible, energetic and fun settings that employees even look forward to as Monday morning rolls in! The new William Grant & Sons Ideation Space designed by Design Plus in Gurugram, India is one such fabulous and creative office where the idea generation and meeting areas are simply extraordinary. Dubbed the ‘Ideation Space’, it is stunning sunken conversation zones with giant wooden tables that are wired to connect with multiple sources that steal the spotlight here. The entire area feels more like a relaxing lounge rather than a rigid work area.

Sunken ideation spaces make for a great visual

Next to the large Ideation space are the more private meeting rooms that can be closed completely. Each space inside the office offers something unique and every sunken pod in the Ideation area can seat nearly 14 employees and over 80 individuals can connect across the different pods for a creative, idea-sharing session. A 12-foot long bar table, cafeteria and other activity spaces complete the stunning office area that borrows from the company values of William Grant & Sons. [Photography: Vibhor Yadav]

William Grant & Sons Ideation Space by Design Plus
Wine barrels and wooden elements bring uniqueness to the office setting
Sunken office meeting areas offer an innovative space to share ideas
Circular wooden tables with tech-savvy design sit inside the comfy sunken conversation zones
Cool conversation areas are coupled with cafe style seating inside the Ideation Space
Creative William Grant & Sons Ideation Space in India
Exceptional office design in India moves away from the mundane

The Hardwood batons and MS flats (bent & configured as required) not only make a symbolic connection but also add warmth to the space. Both the zones have distinct ceiling and lighting patterns. While the discussion pods carry their respective light barrels, the café carries a range of light and HVAC flutes. The firm believes in minimizing the use of materials and textures, hence the ceiling draws the same texture as the furniture or the walls.

Innovative bookshelf design combines minimalism with woodsy charm
Wooden ceiling and floor give the office a warm inviting look
Wooden elements borrowed from distillery add warmth to the office area
12 feet long bar table sits at the heart of the meeting rooms and cafe
Closer look at the beautiful and minimal bookshelf
Floor plan of new office in Gurgram for William Grant & Sons

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