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Breezy Makeover: Berlin Apartment Restored with Mediterranean Undertones

We absolutely love a home that has been salvaged from the brink of complete degradation and transformed into a cozy and inviting dwelling. Nestled in the suburbs of Berlin and surrounded by a forest, ‘Summer Apartment near Berlin’ accomplishes this and a whole lot more, as its once ruined and wasteful interior is turned into a modern masterpiece that echoes an air of timeless elegance. And the creative force behind this marvelous makeover is Polish firm Loft Szczecin, who gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘upcycling’ with this stupendous transformation.

Beautiful deck of the breezy apartment in the suburbs of Berlin

The project started by removing tons of garbage inside this forgotten space, and once that was done, there was the task of giving the home an entirely new floor using bricks and wooden planks. Yet some of the original aspects of the space that could be salvaged were carefully preserved and enhanced, and one sees this with the gorgeously textured walls and the unique ceiling. It made plenty of sense to turn to a style such as Mediterranean considering the textural richness, the expansive use of white and of course the archways and curved windows that dominate the visual.

Chevron pattern ceiling and textured walls inside the Berlin apartment

Interior of the revamped Berlin apartment with lovely textured walls

Look at the rustic kitchen and dining area

Kitchen table on wheels for the rustic interior

L-shaped kitchen workstation for the rustic modern kitchen with relaxed ambiance

Rustic kitchen design of the Berlin apartment

Wooden dining table and benches inside the kitchen

The open living space leads to a light-filled kitchen that embraces rustic qualities, while the dining space next to it seems to veer more towards a midcentury flavor. Yet all these subtle undertones are linked by the neutral backdrop, bespoke vintage décor, the lighting fixture brought in from Poland, and an innate sense of tranquility that one encounters in every room. [Photography: Karolina Bak]

Smart Berlin apartment makeover with Mediterranean overtones

A sense of rich heritage and timeless appeal greets you inside the Summer apartment new Berlin

Rug adds color to the white interior

Chair in the corner adds class to the rustic space

Fresh greenery against a white backdrop is a hot trend indeed

Wires and lighting fixtures stand out thanks to the white backdrop

Midcentury styled side table and chairs for the dining space

Designer, Jacek Kolasiński, is also pleased that most furniture, lamps and rugs come from Poland. Several of these items are very unique. Among the furniture and equipment there are also products of the Czech Republic and Denmark at the turn of 50-60, as well as items designed by our studio and manufactured in Poland.

Polshed finish of side table adds glossy glint to the classic interior

White backdrop and curated Polish decor gives the interior a refined, rustic look

A hint of red added to teh dining space visual using artwork

Archways and arching windows give the interior a cool, Mediterranean vibe

Wine cellar and tasting area with rustic-Mediterranean style

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