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Subtle Halloween Decorations for Spooky Season

Halloween is not just about sweet treats and costumes, it’s in the decorations, too! Instead of opting for the usual pumpkins and bats, you can fill your home with something a little different.

Source: Boogyman_Dom

The right Halloween decorations can get your space in the spooky spirit and looking fabulous. However, one wrong move and your room can look nightmarish… not exactly in a festive way.

These are just a few of the many ways to bring in a festive look without feeling garish!

Unique Vignettes

A vignette is a fantastic way to add merry flair to your home without going overboard. Just arrange a small group of objects that you like together.


Bats on the Wall

With these bats on the wall and the raven hanging on the flower vase, this home has a spooky vibe. The bats also stand out on the white wall.

Source: stephanasilber

Make use of Cobwebs

This is spooky yet also cute. Use fake cobwebs to create a creepy look for your next dinner party.

Source: liv_inthecity

Go all out

This is a fantastic way to dress up a skeleton. You can always go all out for Halloween decorations by making a group of themed skeletons like the ballet dancers here.

Source: mwhitener design

Keep it Simple

This is the perfect mix of fall and Halloween items together. You can never go wrong when you keep it simple.

Source: caseynowell interiors

Decorate your Dining Table

Embrace a mysterious vibe by decorating your dining table with antique objects and dried flowers.

Source: michelebell21

Go for Black Pumpkins

One of the ways to get that creepy Halloween look without feeling too flashy is by going for a black pumpkin instead of the standard bright orange color.

Source: rachellena

Spooky Shelf

You can beautify any shelf with mysterious objects to give it a festive flair. Anyone wanting coffee is in for a treat when they go to pick out a mug to use!

Source: amberzimmerman

Black and White

Going for a black and white color scheme is another fantastic way to give your home a spooky and classy look without feeling too bold.

Source: twotwentyone

Spooky Wreath

Decorate your front door with an incredible wreath and skulls to welcome guests without being too scary. After all, wreaths are not only for Christmas!

Source: kristinselletin

Pink Pumpkins

Pink is the perfect color for all seasons. Halloween doesn’t have to be filled with black and orange decorations. Give pink a try and see how it looks! It might be spookier than you’re expecting.

Source: whoos_dat_girl

Decorate with Witch Hats

This floating hat with the addition of a blackbird is perfect for adding a hint of spooky vibes to your home.

Source: hibiscus_aloha

Haunted House

Lots of people like to decorate the outsides of their homes for Halloween. Display a couple of mysterious objects around your home for guests and trick-or-treaters.

Source: travistraversing

Ceramic Pumpkin

You can skip using real pumpkins and embrace the artificial ones instead. This set of ceramic white pumpkins is a great way to add a subtle Halloween vibe (and you can keep using them year after year!).

Source: lisahomedecor

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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