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Grow Your Garden: Beautiful Flowers to Plant in Autumn

The right time to create an autumn garden is likely to be late spring or early summer, depending on where you live. It’s best if you take the time to determine the ideal place to plant the flowers you like.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an experienced gardener, these autumn flowers will help make your garden look great.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn
Source: Hua_jin

Some of these tough plants can survive the changing weather and the cold to bring a splash of color and brighten up those breezy autumn days.

Winter Aconite

The winter aconite is a species of flowering plant with cup-shaped flowers. It appears in late winter and early spring. Its six sepals are bright yellow. This flower should be planted in well-drained soil.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn
Source: Calyptorhynchus

Dusty Miller

Also known as silver ragwort, this flowering plant looks like it’s dried and dying, but it is alive and well. It would make a great addition to your garden during autumn.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn
Source: Lifestyleroot


Heather is best planted in beds and should be in an open area. It blooms from July to September, keeping your outdoor space looking fresh and colorful — even when the temperatures drop.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn
Source: Stuksrud


Pansies are brightly colored flowers with cute “faces.” These are excellent in pots or vases. They can’t tolerate heat, so it is better to plant towards or during winter.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn
Source: ash_lechatnoir

Balloon Flower

Just as its name implies, these flowers look like balloons when they blossom. They grow in partial shade, but you will get the most flowers by placing them in the sunniest area in your garden.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn
Source: plantsnap


Sumac grows in temperate regions throughout the world, including East Asia and Africa. This plant will surely add the perfect visual interest to your garden.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn
Source: waschenfeld


This ornamental plant usually found in East Africa has a flame-like look. No matter which celosia you choose to grow, the flower colors are eye-catching and will light up your garden during the fall.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn
Source: stemsinthecity


The cornflower is beautiful with its colorful and bright color. Plant it in well-drained soil in a sunny position. Regular deadheading will keep the plants looking neat.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn
Source: Hydeaway Barn


These are tall perennials that have a sweet nectar and are in full bloom during September. This plant also attracts insects, including moths. It beautifies your outdoor space with its bright and sunny color.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn


This is mainly found in Mexico. The dahlia plant is usually strong and robust with enormous blooms. This combination of red wine and pink is a classic.

Flowers to Plant in Autumn
Judith Ejike
I write for decoist.

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