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Stylish Kitchen Additions You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

If you’re remodeling and revamping your kitchen we know that you’ve spent hours looking at trendy backsplashes, marble countertops, and perfect kitchen tiles. Those are the things that are going to give your kitchen style on the surface, but have you thought about what’s going to make it unique?


We’ve been inspired by these seven luxury kitchen additions, and we can’t stop thinking about them. The best part about these additions is that they’re trendy, chic, and make your life easier. Having a kitchen that looks great and makes meal time simple sounds like serious bragging rights to us. 

Wine Storage

Is your wine taking up space in the fridge? What you need is a kitchen island wine cooler.  A kitchen island wine cooler is great for hosting, or to assure that when you get home from work you’ll have a bottle perfectly chilled and in reach.

photo credit: Beautiful Kitchen Island Wine Cooler from Home Depot

If you don’t have a kitchen island, have no fear, you can fit a wine cooler into the counter too!


photo credit: Wine Cooler from Amazon installed directly into the counter
photo credit: A smaller, sleek and chic option from Wayfair

But what about the reds? For that, you’re going to want to look into a wine wall. A wine wall is chic and impressive. If you have the wine already, you should show off your good taste!

photo credit:An example of an elegant wine wall from  Wayfair
photo credit:A grand wine wall displayed in the dining room from Wayfair

Hidden Pantry

We know those kitchen cupboards can fill up fast, between buying everyone’s favorite cereal and stocking up on canned food it feels like there’s never enough space. Now, imagine a cupboard that opens up into an entire room… I’ll give you a moment to get excited about all that extra dedicated pantry space!

photo credit: This cupboard from Pinterest opens up to a full pantry

Ceceandmike perfectly executed this hidden pantry and we love it. A hidden pantry gives that much-needed extra space so you don’t have to junk up your main area. This pantry is spacious, modern, and useful. Having a walk-in hidden pantry is a newfound staple in a dream kitchen.

photo credit: This cupboard opens into both a pantry and extra kitchen space. Find out more about this  project at  ccandmike.com.

Hands-Free Sink

These sinks look like your average kitchen sink but they have a unique feature, they’re motion censored!  They turn on with a simple tap or touch. Not only do these faucets have a simple but modern look that complements any kitchen, they make cooking and clean up easy.

photo credit: Silver touch-less faucet from Walmart

This idea is trendy, modern, and family-friendly too. Hands-free sinks are an easy solution for washing young- often sticky- hands.

photo credit: Touch-less faucet from  Home Depot

Pot Filler Faucets

photo credit: Matte black pot filler faucet from Wayfair

Yes, you do need two faucets in your kitchen. This faucet by the stove is guaranteed to change your life on pasta night. No more struggling to fill huge pots in small sinks and carefully carrying them across the kitchen. With this modern faucet, all that water in pot action happens right on the scene.

photo credit:Polished nickel pot filler faucet with from  Home Depot
photo credit: Silver pot filler faucet from Amazon

Pop-Up Outlets

Pop-up outlets are easily installed into your countertops. They’re incredibly convenient for small appliances like toasters, or for keeping your phone charged while reading a recipe from your favorite food blogger.

photo credit:Pop up outlet in counter from Amazon in a sleek white
photo credit:Pop up outlet installed into counter from Amazon in a modern matte black

Planning a kitchen is no small feat. After you’ve decided on your specifics and have your perfect look it’s time to start thinking about what you really want. Hosting spectacular dinners, enjoying family time, or even a solo glass of wine is what having a kitchen is all about.

You know what they say, living a life of luxury starts in the kitchen… or something like that. Whether these additions are simple solutions or long-term plans they’re stylish, trendy, and have the potential to take your kitchen from a mediocre 7 to a full out 10, and we all deserve a 10-star kitchen.

Tatyanna Saunders

I write for decoist.

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