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Stylish Chargers for a Festive Table

If you’re into easy-breezy entertaining, the last thing you likely worry about is a charger to set under your plates at the table. Once considered accents for formal dinners, chargers (also called charger plates) are quickly becoming modern staples, even at the most casual of tables. No, you don’t need them for every meal, but they can sure make a fun statement, punctuating each plate with texture or shine. There’s a charger for every style, so no matter what look you want to create at your dining table, you just might find some design inspiration in the selections below… [photo from Crate & Barrel]

An assortment of chargers from Crate & Barrel

Modern Chargers with Classic Flair

Let’s get started with some classic charger options from Crate & Barrel. Yes, they’re classic, but these pieces also evoke a modern feel, thanks to their clean lines and striking materials. The Evans Wood Charger Plate is crafted from mango wood:

Wooden charger from Crate & Barrel

These Shindig Charger Plates are casual and chic, thanks to a galvanized finish. They are perfect for the modern table and can even create a rustic look when combined with earthy accents.

Galvanized metal charger plates from Crate & Barrel

With copper being one of today’s leading design materials, it didn’t take long for its rosy golden shine to make its way to the tabletop. Below we see the Copper Plated Charger Plate, which features a matte interior and a shiny rim. Isn’t it sleek against the metal surface below?!

Copper charger from Crate & Barrel

Speaking of metal and marble, the combination can be seen in the next image, which showcases the Stainless Steel Charger Plate. We’ve personally tried out these chargers, and they are hardy, easy to wipe clean, and always chic. Instant style for your fabulous fete or spontaneous special dinner after a long day…

Shiny stainless steel charger plate from Crate & Barrel

Moving on from Crate & Barrel chargers to offerings from Williams-Sonoma, we now shine the spotlight on the Providence Wood Charger, which is crafted from acacia hardwood. The perfect warm touch for your classic table:

Rustic wood charger from Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma’s Beaded Glass Chargers add a subtle yet detailed accent to each place setting. Plus, they go with everything! You can also use them as platters. It’s a win-win!

Beaded glass charger from Williams-Sonoma

It’s hard to get more classic than this Presidio Silver-Plated Charger. Inspired by traditional American tableware, this hand-polished stainless steel and silver charger plate can also double as a serving platter:

Silver-plated charger from Williams-Sonoma

Unique Chargers with Sleek Style

Let’s take a moment to celebrate chargers that reflect the best in unique modern design. Are these Mirror Chargers from West Elm mirrors or chargers? We love the fact that it’s hard to tell! Slick design at its finest:

Mirrored chargers from West Elm

Here’s the same charger in black, stylishly set against a white tabletop. An engineered wood backing coats the underside of each charger:

Black mirrored charger from West Elm

It’s too bad this bronze/copper version of the charger is no longer available. There’s something unexpected about this warm-toned piece:

Mirrored charger from West Elm

West Elm’s Wood Slice Charger looks as if it were carved directly from the tree trunk…and that’s why we admire it! Acacia wood is the material of choice:

Wooden charger from West Elm

Round Placemats

If you’re still not sold on the charger concept, consider round placemats, which create a similar look but protect a larger area of the tablecloth from becoming dirty as food is served and consumed. This Register Copper Placemat from CB2 is crafted from industrial powder-coated iron:

Round copper placemat from CB2

This Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen Place Mat is made from cork and paper with a clear protective coating. One modern stripe creates a bold statement:

Striped kitchen place mat from Williams-Sonoma

Below we see the place mat in red, which is sure to add festive flair to the table, especially for those light and refreshing summer meals we’ll all be enjoying in the months ahead:

Striped place mats from Williams-Sonoma

Earthy style is alive and well in this Woven Round Place Mat from Williams-Sonoma. Handwoven rattan creates a beachy look, as well as the perfect backdrop to crisp, bright dinnerware:

Woven place mat from Williams-Sonoma

These Round Leather Placemats from Artbox are made from durable, easy-to-clean, solid recycled leather. Their colorful presentation brings a vibrant edge to the table:

Round leather placemats from Artbox

The placemats also come in large, as shown in the image below. Layering the large and small size creates a striking contrast, as well as a layered look:

Large round placemat from Artbox

Are you ready to add chargers to your tablescape? Or do you prefer a backdrop of round placemats?

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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