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Style Lessons from Top Design Blogs

Looking for the latest decor trends? Perhaps we should all take our cue from design and DIY bloggers, who consistently style photos using eye-catching decmodern decor. Not to mention, they often share home tours, revealing their own personal picks for furniture, accessories and more. If today’s featured photos reveal the latest trends, get ready to embrace white walls, fluffy textures, brass lighting, and other fun features that will continue to make a big impact throughout this season and beyond. The design blogs don’t lie!…

Brass Lighting

Brass lighting is having a moment. A BIG moment. Below we see a brass chandelier from Schoolhouse Electric, featured in the bedroom makeover of A Beautiful Mess blogger Laura Gummerman. See the full makeover here.

Brass chandelier in a bedroom makevoer

Elsie Larson, the founding blogger of A Beautiful Mess, recently shared a tour of her breakfast nook. Like Laura, she chose a brass chandelier to make a big impact in the room. This piece comes from Etsy shop Lucent Lightshop. See the full breakfast nook tour here.

Brass lighting in the breakfast nook of blogger Elsie Larson

Gold-toned chandelier lighting also serves as a sculptural focal point in the studio of author, event stylist and lifestyle blogger Camille Styles. It’s the You Make It Chandelier from Lindsey Adelman! [featured at Front + Main]

Chandelier lighting in the studio of Camille Styles

Fluffy Textures

If brass fixtures light the space from overhead, shaggy rugs anchor the room from the ground. In fact, fluffy textures can be found all over the homes of top design bloggers. Here’s another shot of Laura Gummerman’s bedroom makeover. The rug is actually two rugs in one (check out the DIY project), and the Mongolian Lamb Pillow Covers in Rosette (from West Elm) are the perfect blush accents for the bed:

Shaggy rug and fluffy pillows add texture

Speaking of blush accents, it’s hard to get any more irresistible than this Flamingo Sheepskin from Aelfie, featured in a blog post devoted to sheepskin at Design Love Fest:

Flamingo Sheepskin from Aelfie

The blush and green nursery below belongs to the daughter of stylist, author, TV host and blogger Emily Henderson. Two words: that rug!!!

A shaggy rug makes a big impact in a baby’s nursery

Abstract Patterns

Abstract patterns are SO “in”. They’re on artwork. They’re on bedding. And they’re definitely on throw pillows. This Patterned Throw Pillow from Sugar & Cloth (featured in this post) is a DIY project that’s definitely worth trying:

Patterned throw pillow from Sugar & Cloth

Below we see a nursery that Emily Henderson designed for her good friend Joy Cho of Oh Joy! Aren’t those abstract-patterned curtains fabulous?! If you enjoy abstract designs, start keeping an eye out for them. Soon you’ll begin noticing them on artwork, rugs, furniture textiles, and more!

Abstract-pattern curtains in a nursery designed by Emily Henderson

Pastel Prints

In many a design blogger room makeover, you will find pastel prints that look good enough to eat. And they often feature cacti and succulents! These pastel prints from Urban Outfitters were spotted in the bedroom of A Beautiful Mess blogger Laura Gummerman (can you tell how much we love the makeover of this space???). See the full makeover here.

Pastel cactus prints make a soft, stylish statement

And a pastel print from Reality and Retrospect can be found in the guest room/office makeover of Proper blogger Lexy Ward. We’re loving the candy colors! Checkout the full makeover here:

Pastel prints in the guest room and office of Proper blogger Lexy Ward

Plants in Baskets

Houseplants never went out of style, but boy are they IN style now (in a big way). Instead of displaying them solely in pots, place the pots in baskets for an earthy-modern look. This photo from an Apartment Therapy tour was featured at Design Love Fest:

Plant in a basket featured at Apartment Therapy

And a potted fiddle leaf fig looks divine in a woven basket, as seen below in the studio of lifestyle blogger Camille Styles (featured at West Elm blog Front + Main):

Fiddle leaf fig in the studio of Camille Styles

Modern Ceramics

We end with a collection of modern ceramics that seem to appear time and time again on the top design blogs. It’s no wonder that fabulous finds from the likes of CB2 are frequently used as styling props, as well as decor in the homes of our favorite bloggers. In fact, all of the finds below are from CB2. Let’s start with the Roz Small Pink Planter, a handmade stoneware piece:

Pink stoneware planter from CB2

And now we see it in the office and guest room makeover of Proper blogger Lexy Ward. Succulents are the perfect choice for this planter:

Pink planter from CB2, featured at Proper

These Roundish Mini Bowls from CB2 have appeared in photo shoot after photo shoot of many a design and DIY blogger. Why wouldn’t they?! They’re modern, colorful, and affordable!

Roundish Mini Bowls from CB2

Here is the mint version of the bowl, featured in the Pastel Easter Brunch of Emily Henderson. Can you spot one at each place setting?…

Roundish Mini Bowls on an Easter brunch table via Emily Henderson

And here are the bowls again, used to style a post on fruit-infused sugars, featured at Proper:

Fruit-infused sugars from Proper

Remember these SAIC Origin Cuatro Platters from CB2, featured in our post on modern tabletop inspiration?! Sadly they’re no longer available, but the grid trays appeared on many design blogs over the past year.

Grid platters from CB2
Grid platters from CB2

Here they are in pastel candy and funnel cake tutorials from Paper & Stitch. Their geometric simplicity makes them the perfect modern touch for a variety of photo shoots:

Grid trays in project styling from Paper & Stitch

We thank all of today’s featured bloggers for inspiring us with their incredible eye for design. They’ve created a bright, modern world filled with interesting treasures. Now excuse us while we go shopping…

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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