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Stunningly Beautiful Timber Screen and Greenery Envelope this Singapore Home

The general perception of a street façade is one that showcases the residence at its beautiful best. Homeowners want it to be inviting, striking and often a feature that instantly leaves both guests and passersby impressed. But not every home is set in an environment where the traditional façade design works. House 24 in Singapore is nestled on a triangular lot with its rear section opening towards a lush green state-owned landscape. This meant that Park + Associates architects needed to create a façade that combined privacy with smart ventilation and a hint of innovative panache. Serving this need to perfection is the custom timber screen!

Creative and custom timber screen keeps the sun out while giving the home a unique visual appeal
Creative and custom timber screen keeps the sun out while giving the home a unique visual appeal

The woven timber screen feels more like a delicate work of art rather than a simple architectural feature designed to provide privacy. It also filters sunlight into the house and as the day moves on, so do the many beautiful patterns created by shadows and light inside the house. A tree already sitting on the lot also becomes a part of the entrance while the open plan living area, kitchen and dining space along with the bedrooms on the upper level completely open up towards the rear garden. [Photography: Edward Hendricks]

Custom timber screen covering the facade of the home offers ample privacy while allowing in filtered light
Greenery becomes a part of the home at this contemporary Singapore residence
Polished contemporary bathroom in gray with glass walls and a fabulous white bathtub
Sheltered and creative entrance of the urban home with a unique timber screen

The courtyard screen fronting the street is an exercise in rethinking the conventional entry sequence of residential dwellings, and an exploration in creating a more layered and sequential experience. It is experienced almost as a ritual space – serene and tranquil – marking the transition between the public and private.

Sliding glass doors open up the new living area towards the deck and the green outdoors
Gorgeous rear section of the house opens up towards the green sanctuary outside
Lush green state land surrounds the rear section of the home
First level design floor plan of House 24 in Singapore by Park + Associates
Second Storey floor plan of modern home in Singapore filled with greenery

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