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Sand and Surf Come Indoors at this Amazing Beach House on the Edge of Pacific

Puntarenas is a city that is full of life; a getaway for many that combines tropical magic with sun, sand, surf and a nightlife that continues till dawn. It is on an idyllic coastal strip of this city and overlooking the Pacific that is just a few steps away that the gorgeous and relaxing Villa Akoya designed by Studio Saxe sits. This beach house feels elegant, modern and is a low-maintenance escape that will leave you enchanted with breathtaking views of the ocean even as the sand and surf seems to become one with the entrance.

Gorgeous modern beach house on the exotic Pacific coast of Costa Rica

The design of the residence was specifically elevated above the ground level to provide better views of the ocean even as the marginal change in height offers a chance to create series of platforms and decks around the living areas. On the inside, it is wood and white that takeover as a color scheme with strong colors staying away. As is the norm, natural greenery provides necessary freshness both inside and outdoors with the covered walkways and decks flowing into the garden. The house feels like an organic extension of the beach, a feeling that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

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Street facade of Villa Akoya in Costa Rica
Wood and white contemporary bathroom idea
Curtains and glass combine to usher in light while providing privacy
Deck and pool area of the Villa Akoya
Elevated position of the home gives it a much better view of the waves and the ocean

The house is split into four different zones an each zone has its own separate wooden roof that feels light, organic and modern. Cinder blocks and polished finishes reduce construction costs and improve durability while keeping the interior as modern and coastal in style as possible. Energy efficient systems, solar water heaters and rainwater harvesting systems put the final ‘eco-friendly’ touches on this Costa Rican beach house. [Photography: Andrés García Lachner]

Natural finishes combined with beachy tones and modernity inside the home
Ocean comes to the doorstep at this Costa Rican home
Rear section of the house overlooking the Pacific

At Studio Saxe we believe that clever design should precede technology when designing a project. We use common sense bioclimatic strategies for temperature control to create spaces that require less energy consumption and provide an overall feeling of wellness. The “elevated” roofline above the walls of the house create the perfect opportunity for cross ventilation and controlled natural light.

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Shade offers protection from the sun while creating a cozy sitting zone
Sheltered walkways around the house along with a green garden
Sliding glass doors open completely to bring the beach indoors
Floor plan of Villa Akoya

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