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30 Ways to Create a Romantic Ambiance with String Lights

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The lighting significantly affects the ambiance in our home. It can make it a bright place or a dimmed sanctuary, a lively room or a romantic cozy space. Certain lights don’t only serve as an illuminating factor in the room; they can be primarily used as decor elements. String lights definitely fit into that category. They have a strong decoration value as they instantly turn any space into a charming, romantic paradise. Here are 30 ways to decorate with string lights!

Keep in mind you’ll see a few variations of string lights in this post. We at Decoist have gone ahead and linked them all here for you so you can decide which style fits your space best!

Bedroom’s Enchanting Atmosphere

String lights make the bedroom absolutely enchanting. They emphasize the intimate and secure feeling of the space, radiating a calm and peaceful lighting that will help you wind down at the end of the day.

Using string lights instead of a headboard is a great way to spice up your bedroom and create a unique element that isn’t only beautiful to look at, but functional as well.

The playfulness of the children’s room is enhanced by the colorful string lights hanging on the side of the bunk bed, giving the room an element of charm and joyfulness!

The string lights can only truly show their magical beauty once the other lights are off and they are the only source of lighting in the room. Perfect for teenager’s rooms or dorm rooms, they create a cozy atmosphere that feels familiar and homelike. Place the lights above or near the bed to surround it with the warm shade of yellow that the lights are radiating, making the bed a centerpiece of the room.

The bedroom doesn’t have to be dark for the string lights to be useful, they can easily do their job during the day as well! They quickly blend in with the background, the yellow lighting becoming more subtle but magical nonetheless!

Wrap up the whole bedroom in a romantic ambiance created by string lights! Hanging up the lights near the ceiling and having them go around the entire room really highlights the cozy feeling of the space.

This bedroom is an example of how wonderfully string lights can be used as a functional decoration. Arrange them in the shape of a heart and illuminate your room with a unique wall decor piece!

String lights can be placed above the headboard to contribute to the whimsical, bohemian ambiance in a light beige bedroom.

To truly illuminate your bed and create a fairytale-like interior, hang the string lights over the canopy that is placed above your bed. The result is a cozy and serene space, a perfect combination for a bedroom with gypsy influences.

While most of the string light decoration ideas include hanging the lights on the walls, it’s not a rule at all! You can put the lights in the bottom of the bed frame and watch how marvelously they illuminate the bed!

Illuminated Living Room

We normally tend to make the living room bright and joyful, either by utilizing the natural light coming in through tall windows or filling the space with bright lights that keep it well-lit even when the sun goes down. String lights are just an addition to the already illuminated space that could do with a few romantic elements.

Photo Credit: Festoon Lighting Brisbane

To decorate the entire space with string lights without them being in the way, hang them on the ceiling! They will beautifully illuminate the room along with the main lights and create one of the most wonderful ceilings imaginable.

You can use the string lights to draw attention to a special element in your living room, such as this tall mirror! Without the lights it’s just another mirror that can simply blend with the interior, but with the string lights it becomes a defining piece in the space!

The curtains are definitely an important part of any room and it really pays off to give them a little extra romantic flair that will affect the ambiance of the entire room. Such a great effect can be achieved with a simple addition of string lights – only $25 on eBay.

String lights will be noticeable and beautiful even if they are not fully taking over the space. In this living room they are illuminating the corner, their subtle look a wonderful decor piece! [Courtesy of Alvhemmakleri]

A fireplace can be decorated with string lights even outside of the festive season. It creates a beautiful centerpiece in the living room, one that radiates warmth and comfort. [via DIYNetwork]

Contemporary wall art frequently includes letters and words, so here’s a great idea that brings together the modern decor trends and the classy string lights!

Ladders are the latest trend in home decor; they are being used as a unique decor element that somehow totally works indoors! Sometimes they will serve for storing blankets and sometimes they will be tangled in string lights, creating an artistic piece!

Hanging string lights on the wall of your living room, right under the ceiling, creates a magical and calming space even (or perhaps especially) when the rest of the lights are turned off.

A big window demands attention by default, but when it’s decorated with string lights it stands out even more! This is a great way to highlight the best features of a rustic interior!

Charming and Romantic Outdoors

String lights don’t perform magically only inside of the house, they create an incredible ambiance outdoors as well. A backyard table setting is not complete without some string lights hanging above it, leaving everybody speechless with their charm!

Spending chilly evenings in your backyard that is lit up by plenty little light bulbs on a string is truly an unforgettable experience that makes your home feel highly comfortable and precious.

There is hardly a limit to how many string lights you can wrap around the wooden gazebo on your patio. The more lights you have, the more romantic the atmosphere can be!

An outdoor table setting is perfected by a nice display of string lights hung right above it. They create a welcoming place for hosting dinners and celebrations!

Bigger string lights are very noticeable and meant to capture the attention. They steer the space into a direction of elegance and charm, lighting up the outdoors in a way that creates a relaxed ambiance and encourages deep conversations. They are definitely the perfect choice for homeowners who love to entertain their guests and want a whimsical setting while doing so.

A patio umbrella isn’t just useful during the day; it can prove itself worthy during the night too! Use it to hang up the string lights above the outdoor table or lounging area and watch how the atmosphere changes instantly! From a normal patio that is similar to countless others, to a unique and alluring space that has your own personal touch!

String lights aren’t just meant to be hung over the dining table, though that’s surely a great option. They can be lighting up the entire backyard, no matter how much open space there is – so long as there are trees to hang them on, the string lights can come out to play!

The best thing about string lights is that there are no rules to hanging them – just follow your intuition and personal preference and you are all set! They don’t have to look orderly to appear attractive, they can actually benefit from the incidental style!

Normally string lights are hung low, close to the setting they are meant to illuminate. Switch things up and hang them really high above the ground to make them appear as if they are a part of the night sky!

When indoors, string lights pair wonderfully with a fireplace. The outdoor equivalent of that match is pairing the lights with a fire pit! The result of this great combination is a warm and well-lit backyard!

There is so much beauty in subtle lighting. These string lights may not have a big effect on the actual lighting itself, being overpowered by the natural light, but they are just noticeable enough to be considered a lovely and innovative decor element, not usually found on big, modern patios!

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