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Welcoming Wilderness Indoors: Stone and Wood Escape with Lovely Lake Views

Allowing its residents to escape from the constant hustle and bustle of urban life all throughout the year, the Lake Mississauga Cottage designed by Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson combines modern comfort with endearing rustic charm. On the outside, this lovely retreat is draped in wood and stone and this theme continues on the inside with sweeping glass walls and floor-to-ceiling glass windows breaking the monotony. A countryside gravel road leads the way to the home that is surrounded by greenery on one side and offers charming lake views on the other. The house itself is spilt into two zones with one flowing into the next.

Natural greenery and lovely landscape give green sheen to the holiday home

A smaller horizontal volume contains the social and semi-private zones while the larger vertical volume of the L-shaped building with two floors contains the bedrooms and private spaces. An open plan living area with kitchen, dining space and living area is connected seamlessly with the large wooden deck next to the edge of the lake outside. Curated landscape outside the home along with flowering plants and a touch of wild natural beauty give the home an unmistakable, loveable green vibe. A perfect weekend home in Bancroft, Ontario! [Photography: Jeanie Tam]

Access from the lake makes the vacation retreat even more memorable
Access from the lake makes the vacation retreat even more memorable
Comfy sectional in the living room defines the space
Relaxing and modern Lake Mississauga Cottage designed by Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson
Series of sliding glass doors with wooden frames connect the new dining area and kitchen with the outdoors
Stone accent wall in the living room with wooden walls makes an impressive statement
Sunroom of the home with a fireplace and comfortable seating

Along with the cottage’s massing, this materiality also softens the scale of the project to create the impression of a more modest intervention. The end result is a place that feels warm, welcoming, and completely at home in its wilderness setting…

View of the river from the living area, kitchen and dining space
Walkway connecting the private and public wings of the house is beautifully illuminated
Wood and stone living area, dining room of the modern holiday home
Modern bedroom of the vacation home with rustic vibe and lake views
Design plan of Lake Mississauga Cottage in Canada
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