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Vivid Splashes of Blue and Yellow Invigorate this Space-Savvy Brazilian Apartment

They say you should never use bright colors in small spaces. But La Vida Residencial Building designed by Todos Arquitetura in Sao Paulo, Brazil proves that theory wrong with delightful and sophisticated use of color despite limited availability of space. The 37-square-meter apartment was revamped by removing all the internal partitions of the previous space and creating a whole new floor plan. With a modern and refined style, the new living area focuses on making most of the small rea even as it flows into the kitchen and home workstation next to it. The work space with its custom sunny yellow, metallic bookcase and workstation also doubles as guest room when needed.

Interior of La Vida Residencial Building designed by Todos Arquitetura in Sao Paulo

A small daybed in the work area serves as the guest bed when needed while the bright blue cabinets and shelves in the kitchen next to it add even more colorful exuberance. Here blue carpentry is intertwined with granite countertops and this bluish-gray color scheme is embraced in the bedroom and bathroom as well. Rest of the home remains as neutral as possible with white and wood dominating the setting.

Custom blue cabinets combined with granite countertops in the space-savvy kitchen
L-shaped eat-in kitchen with blue cabinets and granite countertops
Metallic home workstation in yellow brings a splash of color to the living room in white and wood
Space-savvy home workspace in solar yellow with metallic glitz
Tiny breakfast zone next to the home workstation in yellow
Closer look at the clean granite countertops and slim floating shelves in the blue contemporary kitchen

Finding a balance between contemporary elegance, brilliant splashes of color and space-saving design, this Brazilian home has it all! [Photography: Alexandre Disaro]

Bespoke home workstation in yellow adds color and textural contrast to the interior
Daybed that doubles as single bed for guests inside the small apartment

A dinner table with a pair of Girafa chairs, a very historic piece of Brazilian design by Lina Bo Bardi, is also a part of the kitchen. In the extension of the countertop, we have positioned a washing machine right by the bathroom door, mimicked in a panel in the same shade of blue as the cabinets.

Custom gray tufted headboard for the bedroom with twin beds in neutral hues
Natural greenery along with framed botanicals brings freshness to the bedroom
Bathroom in bluish-gray and white along with stylish contemporary mirror
Bathroom in bluish-gray and white along with stylish contemporary mirror
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