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Hypnotic Spiral Staircase and Smart Silhouette Captivate at This LA Home

The idea of the simple and uncomplicated cube is the image that most contemporary homes exude. With clean lines and rigid geometry, there is not much to write home about as you look at many of these mundane structures. But the distinct façade of Tree Top Residence in Los Angeles, California instantly sets it apart from the crowd, and this sense of splendor and uniqueness continues indoors, thanks to a mesmerizing staircase that leaves you speechless. Designed by Belzberg Architects, it is the location of the house, the special demands of the lot on which it sits, and the leafy landscape that surrounds it that dictate its overall form.

Tree Top Residence by Belzberg Architects in Los Angeles

While the outline of the house borrows inspiration from the plot it sits on and aims to make the most of the limited space on offer, on the inside it is the dramatic spiral staircase structure that demands your attention instantly. The wooden staircase acts as a spatial feature by separating the kids’ wing of the home from the adult bedroom on the top level while adding sculptural beauty to the open living area on the ground floor. The stairwell also brings natural light to the basement level and acts as a common, connecting thread between the various floors.

Unique design and silhouette of the stylish contemporary residence in LA

Expansive LA home designed to meet the demands of its unique landscape

Exqlusive helical staircase design steals the show inside the sophisticated LA home

Amazing curvy staircase delineates spaces and adds extravagance to the interior

Stunning helical staircase adds grandeur to the interior

Arrangement of rooms inside the house makes most of the valley views on offer

The dining area, kitchen, family room and bedrooms were carefully positioned to make the most of the unabated view on offer, even as the bedrooms on the top floor welcome the canopy indoors. With the street façade and dense vegetation offering complete privacy, this LA home tries to create a refreshing and grand green oasis amid all the urban chaos that surrounds it. [Photography: Bruce Damonte, Art Gray]

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls offer unabated views of the green valley below

Relaxing room in neutral hues with wonderful valley views

Sculptural staircase with smart island and breakfast zone underneath

Beautiful little pond outside connected with the interior visually

Site plan of Tree Top Residence in LA

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