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20 Exceptional Ways to Make Use of Space Underneath the Stairway

We often talk about how the stairway is undervalued as an aesthetic asset in our homes. There are times when we completely overlook its potential and how it can make our lives a whole lot easier. The modern staircase does much more than just connect the different levels of the house. It provides a perfect opportunity to bring natural light into various levels of the house with ease. It also can be the backbone of the house that defines its overall style and delineates space with ease. But what if you could put the place underneath it to much better use?

Home workspace and pet area underneath the stairway [From: Planter le Décor]

The space underneath the staircase can be used in more ways than one. You can create pretty much anything you want underneath the stairway depending on the available space and budget. From a slim and modern work space to a wine cellar that is different from the rest, the options are undoubtedly many. It all depends on what your personal needs and you want this niche to integrate with the rest of the house. Step in and discover 20 exceptional ways in which you can use the space beneath the staircase.

Striking the Right Aesthetic Balance

Are you bored with the idea of just using the space beneath the staircase for functional reasons? Maybe you already have enough space around your house and simply want a stunning entry with stairway or even a central feature that accentuates the visual appeal of the living area. The small indoor pond under the staircase is the perfect option. Throw in a few rocks, maybe even a small fountain and you have a truly magical setting. A gorgeous carpet of natural greenery is another great choice for eco-friendly homeowners. From simple floating shelves to an illuminated bicycle; it is only your creativity that limits you here.

Fabulous contemporary lighting under the stairway makes a big visual impact
Indoor pond under the staircase is a showstopper
Modern floating shelves under the staircase feels simple and elegant [From: LA Design Build]
Modern TV wall under the staircase saves ample space
Beautifully lit space underneath the stairway for the bicycle
Contemporary stairway with greenery beneath it that adds ample freshness to the interior [From: Ricken Desai Photography]
Turning the stairwell area into a gorgeous display that is filled with lovely lighting [From: Oliver Custom Homes]

Multiple Uses for Same Small Space

The space beneath the staircase might be limited, but that does not mean you have to let go of your ambitions because of it. Everything from a slim home workstation to a home bar and kids’ play area can be created here with ease. You just need the right design and if you are not interested in anything else, then this area can provide a cool reading nook and sitting zone that you will cherish for years to come. Check out the many inspirations below for even more ideas before you take a call on the direction you would want to head in.

Finding space for the home bar under the staircase [From: Hobbs’ Ink]
Innovative pod under the staircase acts as a lovely kids’ play area
Let your musical interests thrive in the small space underneath the staircase
Slim and contemporary workspace underneath the staircase [From: Suzuki Yoshimi Photography]
Small contemporary home bar underneath the staircase
Contemporary work station feels like a natural extension of the staircase
Couch under the spiral staircase offers a lovely sitting space [From: Pascal Liguori & Son]

Storage and More

Still looking for ways in which you can expand the storage options at your disposal by using the space underneath the staircase? Not to worry as everything from the mudroom shelves and hooks to smart bookcases and kitchen shelves can be tucked underneath this area. It is easy too and you can use accent lighting to highlight the right features of this small, functional nook.

Mud room and smart organizer for the space under the staircase [From: California Closets]
Simple and elegant industrial wine cellar under the staircase
Smart stairway easily doubles as a storage space in the contemporary setting [From: MATA Architects]
Create a cool kids’ hangout under the stairway
Home library under the staircase for the bibliophile

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