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Pink 88: Crisp Use of Color and Urban Elegance at its Polished Best

When we think of décor and color, it is often neutrals that first come to our mind. That is not surprising at all since we are all creatures of habit. And the world around us has cultivated our minds into believing that the best hues for furniture are ones that are neutral. Even if desire a more colorful approach, it is often the blues, yellow and reds that lead the pack. Considering all this, it is not impossible to fathom why Pink 88 designed by Martin’s Studio is such an exceptional and eye-catching apartment! With its brilliant use of pink décor in a refined and restrained manner, this apartment interior definitely stands out from the crowd.

Beautiful pastel pink sectional is the showstopper in this living room

The first thing that you notice inside the sophisticated little living space of this apartment is the lovely pastel pink sofa at its heart. Next to it, custom bar stools with a sea green base come into focus next. In the corner is the kitchen with its mesmerizing brass island and a backdrop that combines pastel pinks with black in an effortless manner. A dark green chair on one side and a creative dining area on the other with bespoke dining table complete this space.

Combining industrial and modern minimal styles in the apartment dining room
Dark kitchen in backdrop with custom brass island and colorful bar stools
Dazzling pendant lights for the modern minimal dining room
Large sectional in blue for the family area along with a charming dining space
Lovely bar stools in wood with a sea green metallic base
Old industrial machinery has been revamped to create the dining table base

In the dining room it is reclaimed industrial machinery that acts as base of the large table with a couple of stools also adding industrial style to the mix. Otherwise, the area with its large blue sectional and modern backdrop remains distinctly urbane. With pinks flourishing in the bedrooms and a bit of edgy, industrial vibe thrown into the mix as well, the home feels like a work of modern art – abstract, pleasing, colorful and at times out-of-the-box without seeming ungainly. Picture-perfect in pink all the way![Photos: Igor Karpenko]

Base of old sewing machine turned into a fab bedside table
Base of old sewing machine turned into a fab bedside table
Darker shades of pastel pink are combined with blues in the bedroom seamlessly
Slim and minimal bedroom shelving idea in black with minimal industrial style
Black and gray contemporary bathroom idea
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