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Space-Savvy Reading Room in Oak and Glass Extends Classic London Home

Originally built in the 1950’s, this classic Victorian home in the Belsize Park area of London was in the need of a modern makeover with interiors that met the specific needs of a retired couple. Studio Carver took up the task of giving this aging house a new lease of life and did so by altering its floor plan, living area, kitchen and dining space. But today we move beyond these makeovers and focus just on the lovely reading room that has been newly added to the home and how it extends into the garden just outside. Clad in oak and featuring a sliding glass doors that leads the way to the rear garden, the new extension feels both captivating and unique.

Belsize Reading Room offers a lovely home office to retired coupled living in 1950’s London home

It is easy to spot the novel oak reading room and home office that ventures into the rear garden beyond the older brick walls and ushers in a sense of modernity. The glass wall sections and sliding doors bring natural light into the spacious reading room that is filled with oak shelves and bespoke oak décor. A skylight above gives the room an even more cheerful and bright vibe even as the lovely planters outside extend the presence of wood into the garden.

Oak and glass create a gorgeous reading room that extends into the small garden
Oak creates a visual connection between the new reading room and the garden outside
White and wood reading room with a skylight that ushers in ample natural ventilation
Bespoke oak shelves idea for the modern home office

One sees a wonderful blend of the old and the new at the Belsize Reading Room with the exposed original brick walls shaping the backdrop for the oak and glass extension. Smart, sensible and easy on the eyes, this is the perfect modern reading room that leaves an existing home untouched [Photography: Richard Chivers]

Brick, oak and sliding glass doors sit next to one another in this fabulous London home makeover
Custom oak cabinets, desk and other furniture pieces create a space-savvy home office and reading room
Modern oak and glass reading room of the London home showcases a smart renovation
Custom oak planters create connectivity between the garden and the interior
Design plan of Belsize Reading Room in London

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