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Space-Savvy Renovation of London Flat Blends Birch Plywood, Brick and Smart Design!

We believe that a home is only as small as you allow it to be and over the years we have seen plenty of apartments from cities like New York, London and Tokyo work magic with no more than 25 or 30 square meters of space. Set in Harlesden, London, this traditional apartment in brick was cramped for space and its residents, a family of four, wanted a home that felt a lot more cheerful and modern while offering much more functional space. Revamped and renovated by RISE Design Studio, the new residence feels both contemporary and classic at the same time with birch-ply storage solutions finding space next to exposed brick walls and clay finishes!

Modern extension of classic brick house in London with glass walls and windows that welcome the outdoors

The Birch & Clay Refugio relies on natural materials and a series of bespoke cabinets, shelves and storage units in wood that create a sense of continuity indoors. Large glass walls and sliding glass doors usher in natural light even as they connect the rear patio with the main house. On the other end of the patio is the new garden studio with its own aging brick walls, bright blue doors and windows frames and a presence that sets it apart. In the main house, a space-conscious living area, kitchen with island on wheels and small home office in the corner end up stealing the spotlight.

Slanted shelves and birch cabinets create a home workspace out of the tiny corner
Birch plywood shelves and skylight combine to create an organized and cheerful interior
Custom birch-ply furniture, shelves and cabinets shape the new, space-conscious kitchen of the house
Bunk beds in the kids’ room feel both fun and space-savvy

Cleverly placed skylight and minimal lighting fixtures that use Edison bulbs illuminate the rooms as you have a completely altered home where every inch of space is maximized. Features like the slanted bookshelves in the home workspace and the bunk beds in kids’ room only elevate this perception further. [Photography: Stale Eriksen]

Patio of the house also holds a new studio that has a bright, blue entrance
Innovative use of the Edison bulb in the small bedroom for lighting
Modern bathroom of the classic London home in wood and gray feels a lot more polished than the main residence
Garden Studio with dashing blue door and window frames separates itself from the main house

Sherry Nothingam

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