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Unboxing Space: Duplex Apartment Merges Diverse Eras and Styles!

On the face of it, 138 square meters of space does seem like plenty for a modern apartment. But when you split this across two different levels, the smart interior starts to seem just a little bit less expansive. Add to this unnecessary internal partitions, and you have a duplex apartment that feels cluttered, dark and uninspiring. Faced with a similar conundrum, the homeowners of this twin level apartment in Tel Aviv turned to The K.O.T Project for a nifty solution, and the creative architects came up with the idea of the ‘Fun-ctional Box’ – a fabulous, L-shaped floor-to-ceiling closet structure that also holds the master bedroom!

L-shaped structure crafted from Bamboo boards holds variety of closets and the concealed bedroom

It is this new L-shaped partition / closet unit clad in bamboo that is the star of this revamped apartment in Tel Aviv, as it creates a ‘room within a room’. But there is much more to marvel here than just this new, space-savvy addition. The lower level with an open living area that also holds the kitchen and dining space fashions a stunning fusion of contrasting design elements that includes a hand-crafted Uzbek rug, checkered Missoni armchairs, a contemporary gray couch and exceptional Oriental lamps. The homeowners wanted a crisp fusion of 50s and 70s aesthetics with modern comfort, oriental lighting and curated décor additions that originate from different corners of the world.

Open metallic shelf for kitchen storage is a sensible and stylish option

Custom crafted L-shaped unit holds even kitchen storage cabinets

Plush gray couch, metal mesh plant holder, custom upholstered chairs and cool coffe tables shape a lovely living room

Kitchen storage idea - open metallic shelf

Hallway next to the master bedroom unit and spiral staircase leading to the top floor

Master bedroom of the smart and space-savvy Tel Aviv apartment

Wide-door closets and drawers inside the master bedroom provide maximum storage

Bathroom in white and shoe storage space iniside the custom L-shaped bamboo unit

This unique mix of distinctly diverse styles is what gives the living space an aura of its own. The master bedroom concealed by the L-shaped closet exudes a more contemporary vibe, with ample storage space being woven into its walls. The rooftop level with terrace and barbecue area contains a second living space, a small kitchen and a guest bedroom and is mostly used as an entertaining area. [Photography: Gidon Levin]

Gorgeous kitchen with dark marble counters and ample natural light

Beautiful hand-woven rug adds color to the interior

Rooftop level garden and living zone that acts as hosting area for guests

Rooftop level living and balcony of the Tel Aviv home

Minimal modern guest bedroom on the top level of the Tel Aviv home

Structural pillar used in style to add to the minimalist theme of the bedroom

Bathroom and rooftop level garden at the stylish Israeli home

Floor plan of the twin level home in Tel Aviv

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