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Wild Flowers, Greenery and Amazing River Views Welcome You at Le Lupin House

An innovative and space-savvy modern home in white that is surrounded by greenery, enlivened by wild flowers and offers amazing views of Saint-Lawrence River and beyond, Le Lupin House designed by Atelier Pierre Thibault is definitely one-of-a-kind. The small house sits next to more traditional beach homes and cottages in the neighborhood and embraces its color palette that is predominantly dominated by white. But the uniqueness of the home goes well beyond that with a spiral staircase connected the three different levels of the house and a neutral color scheme being accentuated by the restrained use of accent hues.

Compact and smart little modern house next to Saint-Lawrence River in Canada
Compact and smart little modern house next to Saint-Lawrence River in Canada

Vertical latticework around the house does much more than just provide visual contrast as it protects the lower level of the house harsh sunlight while offering those inside ample privacy. It is the bedrooms that are nestled on the lower level of the home with the spacious, open-plan living space, kitchen and dining on the upper floor. The house was designed to serve as a secondary home for a modern family and with its compact design, it is the lush green outdoors that make the biggest impact in here.

Fabulous metallic spiral staircase connects the three different levels of the house
Gorgeous small white house set among natural greenery with a fluid modern design
Living areas on the upper level that flow on to the deck while offering commanding Saint-Lawrence River views
Lovely white living area of the house with glass walls and beautiful deck all around
Wild flowers that are a part of the home give it a distinct identity
Wooden staircase brings warmth and elegance to the white interior of the home

A series of terraces on the upper level extend the living area outside in a seamless manner and the color scheme also finds its way on to these outdoor areas. Space-conscious, well-lit and filled with relaxing modern décor, the home welcomes nature indoors gleefully. [Photography: Maxime Brouillet]

Exquisite white deck with views of Saint-Lawrence River and beyond
Ground floor plan of Le Lupin House designed by Atelier Pierre Thibault
Sectional view of the modern, white Le Lupin House in Canada
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