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Tiny Student Apartment in Poznan Works Magic with Limited Space

When it comes to designing and decorating small, urban apartments, the general norm is to avoid unnecessary partitions and visual fragmentation of space. This is the reason why you see most tiny apartments opt for a central, open plan living area with maybe a bedroom next to it separated by just a glass partition and drapes. But the K103 in Poznan, Poland takes an entirely different approach largely because of the purpose it needs to serve, and of course, its unique heritage. Nestled in a 30’s building, this small space was revamped into an ergonomic student apartment by Adam Wierciński with an uncomplicated yet exceptional interior.

Student's rental apartment in a 30's building in Poznan, Poland

The 83-square-meter apartment was smartly divided into four individual bedrooms and a common dining space and kitchen that sit in a modest corridor. A common bathroom and toilet were placed at the other end of this corridor, and while the plan seems all too simple, it is an effective design that gives students who rent this Poznan apartment everything they need without ever disturbing their privacy. Any semblance of a traditional living room is done away with completely, as the rental apartment does not really need one, and this precious space has been used to provide additional storage in each of the independent rooms.

Bathroom and toilet of the rental apartment tucked away neatly on one side of the corridor

Symbols and numbers for rooms and bathroom for the student's rental apartment

Individual rooms inside the 4 bedroom rental apartment numbered

Tiny kitchen and dining space idea for the small urban apartment

Sliding door inside the tiny apartment help maximize the foot space

Cozy and elegant dining area of the Student's Apartment in Poznan

Original gymnastic ladder from the revamped 30's apartment is left intact

Small, narrow space in the Poznan apartment turned into kitchen and dining

Some of the original elements of the apartment such as the casement windows and wooden floor were kept intact and reinvigorated to ensure that a tinge of the original character of this small apartment is kept alive despite its modern makeover. Quirky (and also practical) details like the room numbers and the gym ladder add to the inimitable appeal of this unique student apartment in Poznan. [Photography: Przemysław Turlej]

Small workzone and readind station inside the individual bedrooms of the apartment

Corner workspace idea for small, urban apartments

Design of the desks combined with radiator covers for a space-savvy solution

Minimal decor and simple deisgn create a cheerful ambiance inside the apartment

Black, white and gray shape a stylish, small bathroom inside the Poznan apartment

Tiny corner sink is an aboslute space-saver

Floor plan of revamped tiny apartment in Poznan

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