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25 Small Closets that Work for Every Home: Space-Savvy Bedroom Ideas

We always harp on and on about how every square inch matters. This is ever truer in the case of small apartments and urban homes where even the tiniest space matters a whole lot. This is why we are big fans of space-saving solutions that offer maximum in terms of efficiency. Today we move into the bedroom and take a look at how tiny closets can completely alter these modern spaces. Small closets can I various sizes and forms. Some are found within the confines of small wardrobes that have been revamped while others are standalone units that make a big difference while maximizing tiny corners.

More extensive closet where you can find space for your entire wardrobe [From: Neat Method San Diego]

The best small closet ideas work with limited space and ensure that you have ample display and storage area for your entire wardrobe collection. Some have an open design as they connect the bathroom with the bedroom while other feel much more confined and yet equally elegant. Innovative, space-conscious and stylish, this is a look at closets that make you mornings whole lot more organized.

Create Your Own Custom Solutions

The small closet can be put pretty much anywhere in the bedroom and this means you can turn to custom solutions that work specifically for your bedroom. Modular units and custom cabinets can be used to shape a closet that exactly meets your needs. You can take it a step further with adaptable units that can be brought in and moved out whenever necessary. These custom units also allow you to create spatial solutions that are unique and feel different from the mundane bedroom closets that are all too sterile.

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Modular closet solutions for those who wish to maximize space [From: ClosetMaid]
Simple and small closet is a showstopper
Small closet idea for the bedroom with limited shelf space [From: Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör]
Using curtains instead of doors for the tiny closet saves ample space [From: Kelly Peloza Photo]
Using the small niche next to the bedroom as a closet [From: Hopfab]
Beautiful blue closet in the bedroom adds color to a neutral setting
Even the tiniest space next to the bedroom can be turned into a closet
Gender-neutral closet with a simple design in wood [From: Elle Cherie Inspired Interiors]

Maximizing Space with Ease

There are many different ways in which you can make the most of limited room in the small closet. A credenza in the corner of a narrow walk-in closet, a few shelves on the upper level of the closet, curtains that replace traditional doors or drawers that disappear when not in use – space can be found using a multitude of solutions. Part of it is about de-cluttering the closet and only owning a collection that is essential. Lighting that is even and bright, a few mirrored finishes and a light color scheme help in creating the perfect tiny closet that feels larger than it really is.

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Lighting makes a big difference in the tiny bedroom closet [From: SGDI – Sarah Gallop Design]
Making most of the small closet in a modern fashion
Narrow and small closet organization idea
Neat organization of clothes, footwear and accessories in the small closet [From: Wood Customs]
Turning the small closet into smart and organized space in the nursery
Wooden shelves for the small closet in white brings warmth and freshness [From: Paul Langston Interiors]
Bluish-gray and wood used in the small and spacious closet
Closet of the attic bedroom with space-savvy design and smart design [From: Andrea Gary/Queen of Kerfuffle]
Gray closet in the bedroom is a trendy choice

Standalone and Smart Closets

Not a fan of the dedicated closet in the bedroom? Maybe you just do not have the budget or the space for a closet in the bedroom. Standalone units come to your rescue here. Some of these are DIY projects that can be made at home over the course of a weekend. Others are dashing and ergonomic units on wheels from which one can hang their entire wardrobe with ease. Couple the hanging bar with floating shelves in wood, a couple of modular, wall-mounted cabinets and stands to create a smart closet-styled look. Even coat racks and cabinets can be thrown into the mix for the right look.

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Standalone storage unit on wheels offers ample space for your budding wardrobe collection [From: Royal Design]
Use wall hooks instead of a traditional standalone unit to save space [From: Nadja Endler]
Using floating wooden shelves and wooden rods to create a closet space in the bedroom
Wallpaper in the backdrop adds color to the standalone closet unit [From: Mia Mortensen Photography]
Corner closet idea with minimal modern design [From: arnouva elanández]
Hanging rod adds additional storage space to the bedroom [From: Katleen Roggeman]
Loft bed with space underneath used as closet that has simple rod to hang clothes [From: INT2 architecture]

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