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Amazing Alpine Escape: Unwind Inside this Luxury Duplex in Val d’Isere

A winter holiday in some of the world’s best luxury resorts spread across the Alps can be an expensive affair indeed. And it is often amazing chalets filled with unparalleled luxury that welcome you into this neck of the woods. But there are times when you an experience all that lavishness, enjoy the best ski slopes in the world and pamper your senses endlessly while also cutting back on the cost just a bit. The fabulous and unique Etoile Filante in Val d’Isere offers just that as this exquisite and indulgent modern duplex allows you to enjoy the very best of French Alps this Holiday Season without having to pay for a more extravagant chalet.

Living room of the gorgeous and luxurious Etoile Filante in the French Alps

The gorgeous duplex apartment welcomes you with a lovely living area where a grand fireplace assumes the central slot. Next to this is a dining room and kitchen and the entire level leads to the balcony on the other side that promises some of the most brilliant alpine views you will ever see. On the upper level you can find a quiet study leading the way with four bedrooms that can easily accommodate up to 9 guests at a single time. The master bedroom, two additional bedrooms and kids’ room have that unmistakable ‘alpine vibe’ – a feature that you can find almost everywhere in Val d’Isere!

Woodsy alpine syle living room of the luxury apartment in Val d’Isere with captivating views
Cozy and comfortable living room with a gorgeous fireplace at its heart
Chandelier above the dining table with unique design that makes it perfect for the alpine escape
Drapes and pillow colors bring dark bluish-gray to the woodsy cabin-style bedroom
Look at one of the 4 bedrooms of Etoile Filante

Etoile Filante means shooting star; a fitting name for this stunning apartment with all the makings of a fabulous ski holiday. Everything from housekeeping to ski guides, nannies and restaurant reservations would be handled without a hassle once you arrive – another way to ensure that your stay here is truly unforgettable!

Enjoy unabated luxury and amazing views at the fabulous Eoile Filante
Ensuite bathroom of the master bedroom that is completely draped in wood
Small and quiet workspace on he upper level of the luxury getaway
Space-savvy and stylish bunk bedroom of the opulent family getaway
Take in some of the most mesmerizing views you will ever see of snow-clad alpine slopes from the bedroom
Wood and white bedroom of the luxury alpine getaway in Val d’Isere

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