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Stay Fit Indoors: How to Create that Perfect Small Home Gym

You might be stuck indoors, but that should be no reason for you to cut back on your fitness goals. Staying indoors all day for a prolonged period of time means many of us tend to gain weight quickly because of inactivity. Just a brisk walk in the morning and evening does not do the trick for everyone. This is why having a small gym or workout area in your home comes in pretty handy. Even in the tiniest of homes, there is room for a home gym that gets the job done without spending a fortune.

Tiny niche next to the stairwell turned into a gorgeous small home gym with non-slip flooring [From: Barle Pfeiffer Architecture]

Small home gyms mean different things for different people. But there are some basics that work well in every space. Creating a home workout zone with what you already have or even with new equipment that you can find locally is not too hard. From the more extensive gym setup complete with complex machines and weights to something much simple that is perfect for yoga buffs, here are a few basic pointers that should help you move in the right direction. Here is to staying indoors, safe, and fit.

1. When Size does not Matter

It is not very often that you hear the phrase that size doesn’t matter in the gym; but when it comes to creating a home workout zone, this is truly a reality. A few of our friends can finish a full-body workout regime in an area that is no larger than a few square meters! And they manage to do all that without almost any equipment. So, do not tell yourself that lack of access to a gym and equipment are the reason why you are letting yourself go. A tiny niche in the hallway, space next to the kitchen, or even your home office can be turned into a temporary home gym with ease.

Opening up the living area brings fresh air into the makeshift home gym [From: D Stone Builders]
Lighting the tiny home gym right along with the padded flooring [From: Palmerston Design Consultants]

2. Storing Things Away

The key to transforming spaces like the home office and guest room into home gym is to have storage area where you can tuck away your fitness equipment when they are not in use. Everything from an empty closet to space under the bed could come to your rescue. A bin for towels and one for laundry provide additional ease while treadmills and stationary bikes that can be rolled away help as well.

Gorgeous small home gym in gray with a mirror and shelf space [From: Haven Interiors]

3. It Could be a View or TV!

Everyone needs a bit of motivation when they are working out and if you can have a home gym in a room where there is a lovely view on offer, then it is an absolute bonus. If that is not an option, then those who spend a considerable amount of time can add a television to the setting so that they are not too bored.

Turn the corner in this large room with amazing views and glass walls into a snazzy home gym [From: Hibou Design]
Open staircase landing zone turned into a cheerful and airy home workout zone [From: Gibson Contracting]

4. Recreation Combined with Workouts

Attics and basements are great areas for a home gym as they offer privacy and keep out noises. You can even blast out your workout tracks in here without disturbing everyone else in the house. A popular choice in here is to blend a home game room with a gym and create a larger recreation and fitness zone. This is of course for those who have ample space to spare for both.

Turn the open area in the family room into a breezy home workout zone [From: Seattle Staged to Sell and Design]
Turn an undused area in your home into a smart home workout zone with minimal fuss [From: S. B. Long Interiors]

5. What you need for a Workout

Everyone has a different fitness routine when they are at home and while some like to spend just some time on the treadmill along with a few stretches, others could opt for a more intense session that utilizes weights. Keeps the basics ready and plan for a gym that can accommodate two or three people at a time. Treadmills and stationary bikes do take up far more space than just a few weights and a mat.

Simple home gym workout space idea for those who wish to keep in shape while indoors [From: Serenity Design]
Small transitional style home gym sits behind the sliding barn door in here [From: Lands End Development]

6. Lighting, Mirrors and More

Anyone serious about lifting weights knows the value of a mirror – big or small. It helps in keeping your form correct. But from an aesthetic viewpoint, it makes the small gym seem much larger and creates an even layer of lighting. A few floor mats or carpet tiles for a non-slip flooring should complete your fabulous little workout zone at home that will serve you well for years.

Small home gym in white with sliding glass door cabinet to tuck away all your workout equipment [From: Iconic Design+Build]
Small basement home gym in Barcelona with mirrors and a green wall [From: The Old Green Corner]

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