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Refined and Refreshing: Small Contemporary Apartment in Rio de Janeiro

There are different ways that you can decorate a small apartment without turning it into a closed space that seems far too overwhelming. But the undoubted favorite among them all is the curated contemporary style that is anchored in neutral colors. Borrowing from modern minimalism and yet finding that ideal balance between sophistication and inviting warmth, RF House by Studio ro+ca in Rio de Janeiro showcases a cheerful and stylish modern interior. Despite the lack of bold colors, the living room of this modest apartment draws your attention with its wonderful use of contrasting textures, such as the whitewashed brick wall and the accent wooden wall.

Livig room of the small contemporary apartment in Rio de Janeiro by Studio ro+ca

The living space of the apartment is open, and yet the kitchen and the dining space that flank it seem partially detached from the main sitting area. Geometric patterns and sculptural wall art ensure that there is no sense of boredom indoors, with a quirky accessory or two adding to the uniqueness of the home. A smart, L-shaped kitchen utilizes the corner space, even as bar stools and a tripod floor lamp give it a chic industrial vibe. White is the color of choice here, with black and gray providing visual contrast.

Small living room of the Brazilian apartment with modern decor

L-shaped kitchen of the small apartment is a space saver

Bar stools and tripod floor lamp in the kitchen give it a industrial modern style

Excellent use of exposed brick and wooden walls to add textural beauty to the interior

Metallic wire sculpture adds a quirky twist to the living space

Turn the calander into a striking addition in the living room

String wall art that makes a striking addition in any home

Colorful flowers add freshness and cheerful allure to the interior

Step beyond the living space, and you have the small bedroom with a gray accent headboard wall and bright yellow sconce lighting, along with smart, space-savvy cabinets. Despite its limited size, the bedroom seems soothing and spacious, thanks to the smart color scheme that keeps visual fragmentation to a minimum. A delightful corner workspace and custom wall art complete a beautiful Brazilian home that makes the most of every inch on offer.

Interesting use of wall art to enliven the small, minimal interior of the RF House

Small contemporary bedroom with gray accent wall and bright yellow sconce lighting

Sliding translucent glass door separates the bathroom from the bedroom

Nifty bedroom workspace in the corner saves space

Small bathroom design with corner shower

Black, white and gray form the basic color scheme of the minimal bedroom

Fun details add to the contemporary charm and uniqueness of the Rio apartment

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