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Transform Your Yard into a Garden Oasis

Whether your yard features a pool for cooling off or a plant-filled focal point, it’s not too late to transform it into a refreshing oasis for summer. Today we’re sharing 5 tips for creating your own outdoor oasis, from comfy seating to hanging planters. Below you will find some of our favorite sources of design inspiration, as well as helpful hints for getting the look at home. Here’s to a long, relaxing summer…

Surround Yourself with Plants

Don’t have a pool or a water feature? Let plant life create the outdoor retreat of your dreams. This garden oasis by CP Landscapes is all about the vegetation! A jungle vibe is cultivated by incorporating selections such as bamboo. Custom seating crafted from softwood decking boards gives the space an inviting quality (and kitty agrees)! [via Houzz]

Garden oasis with ample plants

This sunken succulent garden features selections such as blue agave and cacti, creating a sculptural haven that celebrates the beauty of plant life and modern design. [via Houzz]

Sunken garden with succulents

Add variety to your outdoor oasis by layering plants in a range of colors, sizes and textures. In the garden below, a tall tree adds height, while sago palms in matching urns create a manicured look. Note the different hues and forms represented below! [photo by Juliana Rauch for Terra Rubina]

Garden oasis featuring a variety of plant life

Even if your outdoor space isn’t covered in vines, bushes and blooms, you can add a dash of greenery with potted plants… [planters from Crate & Barrel]

Planters from Crate & Barrel

…or hanging planters! Yes, your balcony or tiny patio can be turned into a garden oasis with one or two verdant accents. [Sonny Hanging Planters from CB2]

Hanging planters from CB2

And don’t get us started on the vertical garden possibilities! These Wall Planter Hooks from Crate & Barrel are a step in the right direction:

Wall garden from CB2

Incorporate Outdoor Seating

Why bother creating a garden oasis if you can’t sit back and enjoy the view? Seating is key in your outdoor retreat, and we’ve got a few ideas for your design inspiration. Consider placing a chair where you least expect it! You don’t need patio tiles to set the foundation for a seating area. A comfy lounge chair that can easily travel to the shadiest spot in the yard will do the trick! [from Secret Gardens]

Striped garden seating

If your outdoor oasis is short on shade, embellish it with an umbrella or two. They are stylish and practical, especially when it comes to poolside lounging! [from Lonny]

Outdoor lounge area with umbrellas

Looking for some larger-scale seating? Crate & Barrel’s Dune Sofa will channel the vibe of a modern living area, yet its light and breezy style is perfect for outdoor lounging:

Dune Sofa from Crate & Barrel

These 2 Sussex Sun Loungers in Soft White from Bridgman are accompanied by a square side table (shown below). Choose from black or lime green upholstery for the cushions, and enjoy the benefits of a white rattan material frame that’s completely weatherproof!

Sussex Sun Loungers from Bridgman

Here’s another view of the Sun Loungers, this time in the black upholstery. The contrast between dark and light will add a classic, elegant touch to your outdoor oasis:

Sussex Sun Loungers with black upholstery

Also from Bridgman, this 9-Piece Mayfair Curved Modular Rattan Garden Furniture Set is perfect for entertaining a group. Five modular sofa sections, three curved stools and one round coffee table complete the set. Durable aluminum frames and a synthetic rattan weave make this furniture ideal for the outdoors. You can find the set in 4- and 7-piece versions as well!

Modern rattan garden furniture set

And if you have the space, don’t hesitate to create an outdoor dining area in your garden oasis! There’s nothing like enjoying a wonderful meal while surrounded by lush plant life. [from Lonny]

Outdoor dining area with tropical plants

Bonus points if you set a festive table for a special occasion! [from Lonny]

Festive table in an outdoor oasis

Celebrate Water

A water feature is one sure way to add an oasis vibe to your outdoor space. Even if a pool isn’t in the cards, consider an addition such as a pond. Try surrounding it with lush plants for extra beauty and charm! [from Amy Martin Landscape Design]

Lush garden pond with ample plant life

A fountain (even a small one) is a great way to add the element of water to your outdoor oasis. This modern fountain from WA Design Architects creates a sculptural feel in the garden:

Modern outdoor fountain

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool that doubles as a fountain, your outdoor oasis just got a whole lot more refreshing! Let’s hear it for the power of fountain jets… [from Harold Leidner Landscape Architects]

Outdoor pool and fountain

Add an Inviting Path

A garden path beckons you with its guiding lines and curves, inviting you to explore the surrounding plant life. This outdoor space by Henry Curzon Gardens Limited features a path lined with manicured bushes. The look is tidy yet alluring:

Inviting garden path

This gravel garden path leads to an outdoor seating area where residents can read quietly, enjoy conversation, or dine while sipping a favorite drink. [from Lonny]

Garden path to a seating area

Succulents line the garden path below, which includes steps and gravel. The result is a modern outdoor space filled with natural beauty. [from Lonny]

Garden pathway with steps

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