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How to Create a Peaceful and Stress-free Living Room

Staying home for prolonged periods of time can have drastically negative effects on our brains and the way we function. It can almost feel like captivity at times. People can easily slip into periods of depression and a cluttered, disorganized world around them can only add to the woes. Your home needs to be a place to rest, rejuvenate and relax. It needs to be a stress-free environment where you really ‘feel at home’. An interior that feels like constant work can be both mentally and physically taxing. And for those working from home, it can be an incredibly unproductive space where getting anything done is twice as much more difficult.

Eames lounger adds style and timelessness to the smart modern living space in white and wood with ample natural light [From: Anna West Interiors]

Considering how work, play and rest have all be combined into one small space in recent times, it is imperative to keep the living room as stress-free and peaceful as possible. A calming living area is an absolute blessing – one that also welcomes guests gleefully. Whether you wish to follow modern decorating rules or want to borrow from the age old wisdom of Feng Shui, the basics of it remain the same. This is a look at some of the most basic and easiest rules you can turn to for a tranquil living room –

Neutrals Shaping the Backdrop

This is one of the most basic aspects of the most relaxing living spaces that we have seen in the last two decades. Despite a spurt in styles like eclectic, rustic, industrial and farmhouse, the modern living space clad in white, beige or gray is still the most popular choice among homeowners. Neutral inherently shape a more peaceful living area, give it a spacious visual appeal and reduce fragmentation of the limited area. Using hues like gray and brown help in creating more elegant and trendy living rooms without depending heavily on brighter colors for the backdrop.

Exclusive contemporary decor brings minimal magic to this exquisite living space [From: Imani James Interiors]
Gorgeous modern living room that is clad entirely in neutrals [From: Studio Corbeau]

De-Clutter and Create Space

How do you find more space in your home? The answer is pretty simple and it all starts with an effort to cut back on what is not ‘absolutely needed’. De-cluttering can be hard and sometimes you feel like you are throwing away pieces that might come in handy down the line. Do not become a ‘hoarder’ and impulsive shopping is just not an option. With discipline and décor that multi-tasks, one can easily shape that exquisite, stress-free living space.

Exposed brick wall section becomes the focal point in this living room [From: By Binetti]
Small eclectic living room with a textured wall in the backdrop and a small couch in gray [From: Homecoming di Sara Pantoni]

Lighting the Living Room

Lighting can make or break the look of a room and if you want a more calming, peaceful living space, then you just cannot have one that is dark and dingy. A tranquil living room should also be one that is cheerful and puts a smile back on your face. Combine natural lighting with artificial lights in an intelligent and seamless manner for the best look. In a world of open plan living areas that are connected with the outdoors using sliding glass doors, it is much easier to achieve this breezy, modern look.

Fabulous leather couch adds color and contrast to this large living space in white [From: Faryearny Building Services]
Greenery outside brings serenity to this white living area with an open ambiance [From: Windsor Windows & Doors]
Tiny living room with small sofa and TV in the corner [From: Domoï Estate]

Plants and Books in the Backdrop

There are a few elements in the living space that bring serenity and style to the backdrop without creating a visual clutter. Plans and books top this list and while the former brings color, calmness and freshness to the living room, the latter is all about shaping a more refined backdrop. They are the absolute favorite among modern homeowners and with a simple shelf in the backdrop and a few plants in the corner, you can easily alter the ambiance of a small living space.

Texture-filled living room with a brick wall in the backdrop can still look stylish and modern [From: Brick Tiles]
Elegant white living room with smart bookshelves, colorful decor additions and ample natural light [From: LDa Architecture & Interiors]

Allow for Movement and Guests

Whenever you are planning a living room, make sure you take future spatial requirements into consideration. The needs of a growing family, the ability to accommodate friends and guests and the knack of adapting to changing needs; there are plenty of things to consider before purchasing the furniture for the living room. Do not pack the room with furniture in a way that makes movement of people inconvenient and arduous.

Delineate the living area from other areas using rugs and carpets [From: Impact Remodeling and Construction]
Even eclectic living spaces with smart modern design can feel peaceful when done right [From: S. Mazzi Interiors]

Move or Hide the Television

Multi-tasking furniture offers a great way to maximize space in the living room and removing clutter. A couch that can open into daybed when needed, a small coffee table on wheels, a console table and bench that hides stuff easily – smart ideas make a difference in here. We are not big fans of adding a television to the living room. It feels distracting and inevitably, almost everyone is occupied with something on air. Move the television away from the living room. If you cannot do that, then at least find ways to hide it when not in use.

Find the right decor for the tranquil contemporary living space with glass walls [From: HUDSON DESIGN Architecture & Construction]

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