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50 Best Space-Savvy Small Apartment Bedrooms Offer a Comforting Escape

There is simply nothing like the comfort of home. It takes much more than just furniture and a smart interior filled with color to turn a house into a comforting home. Creating a living environment that you are happy with and feel welcomed in is as much about your personal taste and style sensibility as it is about maximizing space in an efficient fashion. In the small urban apartment, a tiny bedroom offers the ultimate escape from it all – from the noise, constant rush and never-ending race with the clock! Despite its limited size, small bedrooms often feel a lot more inviting than their more spacious counterparts. At the end of the day, we all crave for a personal haven where we relax and rejuvenate.

Glass partitions help in creating a more private bedroom without keeping out the light

Small apartment bedrooms come in all types of sizes and forms. There is definitely no one formula that works for everyone. Some might prefer utilizing the ‘more than normal’ vertical space that they have at their disposal. Others might turn to decor that morphs itself with ease to create a room in an area where none exists. Today, we delve into this magical world of tiny bedrooms and discover the 50 best ideas out there – not just conceptual designs, but actual bedrooms that work splendidly for their homeowners in the real world. This is an idea treasure chest you do not want to miss!

Lofts and Slide-Out Beds

In the tiny apartment with limited square footage, the loft bedroom is the obvious choice and the unrivalled king! It takes away the worry of having to create an additional room in an already limited area and you will not need any other internal partitions inside the apartment for rooms other than the bathroom. It is often the space above the tiny bathroom that can double as the bedroom alcove. It might not be super-glamorous or even spacious, but it gets the job done. You can get creative with the staircase leading to this loft bedroom and turn it into a storage area. Talk about maximizing space!

Cozy loft level bedroom also contains a tiny workspace and ample shelf space as well!
Creating space for the innovative bedroom in the small apartment
Look at the loft bedroom inside the 18 sqm apartment with wooden steps that double as storage units
Lovely tiny apartment with mezzanine level bedroom
Mezzanine level bedroom with twin wardrobes

Slide-out beds which otherwise can be hidden inside the elevated wooden platform are another popular choice as they help demarcate space between the living area and kitchen and dining even while concealing a bed within. If you have enough space for an additional bedroom, this slide-out bed can be used as guest sleeping area or even a play zone for kids. Once again, the emphasis here is on creating new pockets of space that multi-task with ease.

Small niche turned into a tiny bedroom with 3D blue panels on the wall
Space above the bathroom unit used as a loft bedroom inside this Sao Paulo apartment
Tiny loft level bedroom of the guest apartment inside the revamped 1916 boiler room
Unassuming woodn platform hosts the bedroom inside this small Scandinavian apartment
Bed that slides out always saves space

Niches, Partitions and Space-Savers!

From the loft spaces we move on to tiny niches and smart little nooks that have been turned into bedrooms by maximizing their potential. Once again, adding a bed to the small awkward corner is easy on the face of it all. But to give the apartment an aesthetic appeal and to make it work visually, you need to ensure that this previously lonely corner is now well-lit, charming and no longer ‘forgotten’. The bed here needs to be tailored to exactly fit into the available space and using identical floating nightstands or even wall-mounted sconce lights, you can create symmetry and style.

Murphy bed idea for the ultra-small micro apartment
Small bedroom with mirror on the wall
Small glass partition separates the living room from the bedroom inside this tiny apartment

Apart from small niches being transformed into bedrooms, there is also the path of the gorgeous glass partition and a few drapes to get the job done. This one allows for free passage of light throughout the apartment and does not fragment the space visually even while bringing in privacy when needed.

Tiny bed in the corner is all you need in this ultra-small apartment
Tiny bedroom with glass walls and drapes combines openness with privacy
Ultra-tiny bedroom of small Barcelona second apartment
Urbane tiny bedroom with mirrored cabinet doors and a white backdrop
Wallpaper adds pattern in a subtle fashion to the bedroom
Foldable dividers connect the bedroom with the living area

Smart Use of Color

As always, we encourage our readers to use color even in small spaces, but in a judicious and pleasing manner. Color in the tiny bedroom can infuse it with cheerful zest and drive away any sense of boredom. Blue and pink are popular colors in the small bedroom and both the colors in their light and pastel forms can be used to create a beautiful and soothing backdrop. An even background clad in a dark, bold color also works at times, provided the rest of the apartment is as neutral as possible. For those with color commitment issues there is always the idea of clever accents that do all they can to brighten a neutral setting.

Black and white bedroom with green bedding
Cheerful tiny bedroom in blue with pops of yellow
Eclectic bedroom with a gorgeous backdrop and yellow accent pillows
Pop of yellow for the small bedroom in white and blue
Slanting walls for the bedroom
Smart use of color blocking inside the gorgeous Barcelona apartment bedroom
Uber-tiny bedroom and bathroom for the ultra-small urban apartment
Use symmetry to give the small bedroom a more curated look
3D wallpaper and smart decorating ideas for the tiny bedroom
Beautiful bedding in green brings color to this apartment bedroom in gray

Breezy, White Small Bedrooms

White is a color that never fails in small spaces and in the tiny apartment bedroom, it is the go-to hue at all times. You might want to try out different shades of white before you settle on the one that looks best in your small bedroom. The tint and shade you pick depends on style of the apartment, overall visual appeal of it and how you want it to interact with the rest of the interior. Scandinavian, shabby chic and contemporary are the three most popular themes in the small, white bedroom. Add in a touch of blue if you want to give it a coastal look and a healthy of aging wooden surfaces can provide a rustic or farmhouse themed twist.

Exquisite tiny bedroom with whitewashed brick wall backdrop
Light-filled modern bedroom in white inside heritage Vancouver apartment
Minimal apartment bedroom design with a view of the city outside the window
Minimal white bedroom for the small city apartment
Modern bedroom in white and gray
Wall of cabinets in white for the tiny master bedroom
You do not need too much space to craft the perfect modern bedroom inside the small apartment
An all-white bedroom always feels spacious
Contemporary bedroom in white with wall art that matches the color scheme of the room
Design of the Scandinavian bedroom connects it with the living room at all times

Style, Finish and Everything Else

Every good bedroom needs an organized wardrobe and even the tiniest bedrooms can afford to have one as you are just maximizing the available space without encroaching on additional square footage. Mirrored cabinets add to the sense of spaciousness in a tiny bedroom while wardrobes that blend into the backdrop and disappear when not in use are always welcome! From textured walls to lovely pendant lighting and an eclectic blend of styles, even these petite bedrooms allow you to experiment in more ways than one. Be bold and let your creativity take over!

Scandinavian style tiny bedroom in white and gray full of light
Space-savvy bedroom of Tiny 28 Sqm Flat in Milan
Stunning minimal attic level tiny bedroom with a slanted ceiling
Tiny modern bedroom of Tokyo apartment with stacks of book
Two colored bedroom in black and white is a smart showstopper
White and wood bedroom with a pop of blue
Wooden flooring and walls in white for the modern bedroom with glass windows
Bed on an elevated platform inside the tiny Taipei city apartment
Neutral color palette gives this bedroom a more spacious visual appeal
Polished modern bedroom of the tiny bachelor apartment

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